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What Should be Included in the Affordable Care Act? Sex.


I don’t think sex is part of the Affordable Care Act or specifically mentioned in Obamacare, but it should be! According to science, frequent sex makes you less depressed, have a stronger immune system, less likely to be overweight, less chance at certain cancers, and basically a fit, healthy person. Although I’ve been to the Red Light District in Amsterdam and those ladies don’t exactly look like the image of health. Just saying. Selfishly, I was hoping sex burned more calories. Looks like Soul Cycle and running are in the clear for winning in that category. However, I’m curious who is strapping on their heart monitor mid seduction.

But doctor’s agree, sex needs to steal milk’s slogan… it does a body good.
The Health Benefits Of Sex



The Health Benefits Of Sex [Infographic] by the team at Little Hussy!





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