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What Superhero Powers Would Women Want?








I doubt anyone is surprised The Dark Knight Rises and The Amazing Spiderman have made a gazillion dollars this summer.  Add The Avengers to this summer’s movie list, and it has been a comic book fan’s wet dream.  While I enjoy these films and often see a majority of them, the whole male superhero adoration fascinates me.  I think it really illustrates the differences between boys and girls, and why 7-year old girl is probably reading about fairy tales and princesses, while 7-year old boys are reading about men with radioactive blood, powerful flying suits, brooding millionaires who fight crime with expensive toys, and the rest.  It’s really not hard to see why men seem to aspire to great wealth and have a love of toys, while women dream of prince charming, a fairytale wedding and living happily ever after.

While there are a slew of female comic book characters, the only real breakout female superheros that I can really recall making any dent on films or television are Catwoman, Wonder Woman, Black Widow (does she really count or is she just a CIA assassin?), Lara Croft (once again, not really a superhero but definitely has the same skill set and monetary advantage of Batman) and the ladies of X-Men.  While I know there have been popular characters in comic books over the years, I wonder if these women really possess super skills that the average woman wants?  First of all, they all have a predilection for wearing all leather catsuit ensembles.  Personally, I doubt any woman would choose this as her crime fighting outfit.  I know I couldn’t concentrate on chasing down a bad guy with leather up my butt or the sweat I’d be oozing underneath my suit. Does no one remember the Ross and leather pants “Friends” episode?  Leather makes you sweat.  A lot. Unless they are wearing full body Spanxx underneath their leather bodysuits (which is probably a good idea because otherwise these women have to fight crime holding their stomachs in constantly), no woman would choose to do anything exerting much energy in head-to-toe leather.  In fact, if women were choosing their superhero outfits, I imagine you’d see a lot of Lululemon, American Apparel, or Nike combos – as this is what most women prefer when roundhouse kicks, running, jumping or master martial arts skills are concerned, but I digress.

I imagine what men want as their superpowers – strength, flight, suits of armor, millions of dollars, spiderwebs that allow for fighting and flying, rage-induced super strenth, etc. would not be on the list of most women.  In fact, I imagine the “powers” women these days would want are nothing like the female superpowers we see in these action-packed films.  I doubt any woman I know cares if she is a weapons expert, but most women I know would love the power to add a few more hours to the day, or stop time all-together so they could just get all the shit done that women need to do – especially if they have kids.

I’m sure lots of women would love to have that movie female superhero power of physical dominance because we live in a world where women are often threatened with violence.  Women are constantly warned not to even walk to their cars without an escort for fear of muggings, rapes, attacks, robbery, etc.  So I’m sure deep down, most of us wish we could confidently walk around at any time of the day knowing we could kick some serious ass.  Then again, if someone told me that I could have a superpower that put me at my ideal weight, give me the world’s greatest metabolism and kept me at that weight for the rest of my life, I think I’d sign up for that pronto. No question. Screw flight, I’d take a lifetime of my goal weight anyday.

So what would be the dream female superhero “power” be?  What would be the power that would make your life better, or maybe make you happier or more content?  If we’re talking in the imaginary world of superpowers, anything is possible. Feel free to add suggestions.  What’s your ideal superpower?

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