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What You Need to Know to Have a Successful Long-Term Relationship


442593125_640Photographer and director, Christian Weber, explores the qualities of a successful relationship through human gestures in this interesting short film. Using three words (commitment, authenticity, communication), a stark voice-over (that sounds to me like George C. Scott), and interesting, yet simple hand gestures, we see a rather deep, profound breakdown of basic and important elements of successful relationships. (Whew, that was a long sentence, but accurate!) It’s kind of arty, and I get a French new wave film vibe, mixed also with those old health/PSA films they used to show in high school.  Either way it’s slightly bizarre, and I love it’s simple, visual message.

Enjoy “The Art of Gesticulation” and what is needed for successful, long-term relationships!

Candor: The Art of Gesticulation on Nowness.com


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