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When GLEE started to suck.


I’ve been on the “Glee” bandwagon since day 1. When I saw the pilot, I thought someone had read my dream journal. High school angst, underdogs, and musical numbers? Hell yeah.  And well, after season one, things got a little weak.  Maybe character development and plot weren’t interesting to Ryan Murphy and the gang, but they threw in Gwyneth and John Stamos cameos to keep me happy. Add a sprinkling of Kristin Chenoweth, a Rocky Horror Picture Show episode AND a Britney-themed episode, and who needs plot? But besides plot, “Glee” was also missing character development or actual interesting or compelling storylines. But I got distracted by The Warblers and the warm, fuzzy feeling I get when Blaine sings. But even all of those distractions can’t hide the truth: Season 3 sucks. The music sucks. The storylines suck. Glee sucks.

I feel like I’m in a bad relationship with “Glee” and I’m going to keep letting it treat me poorly until I’m forced to break up with it. Had I been in this crappy “Glee” relationship in my 20’s, I would have put up with this for months. But I’m older, my DVR is full, and I’ve discovered “Breaking Bad.” Not to mention that Downton Abbey and my BBC faves are coming back in the spring, which means, I don’t have time for  shitty music, Puck’s hot for teacher, Quinn’s hot mess, Coach Biest’s weird love story, and just not enough power numbers by Mercedes, Rachel and Kurt. And that Irish kid is a crooner like Sinatra, so let the boy sing!

I truly believe that “Glee” is a seminal television show and has been a beacon of light for gay and bullied teenagers across the country.  To show a warm, supportive, and honest environment towards teenagers dealing with coming out, first sexual experiences, and facing their families and peers is incredibly necessary on television. I commend the show for continuing on this path, despite criticism and even outrage.  So yes, there is a part of me that wants to continue to support Glee.  I was even a rabid fan of the “Glee Project.” This show was like the American Idol of Glee – but instead of Simon Cowell, they had to sing for Ryan Murphy (hence my love of Damian (the Irish kid) who might sing “Mack the Knife” better than Bobby Darin.  And where the hell are winners Alex and Sam – but whatever). Back to Glee sucking.

Even Jane Lynch whom I LOVE, and have loved since she stole every scene in Best in Show, can’t save this show. And definitely Ryan and his fellow writers are great with one-liners. I’ve been loving Brittnay ever since she uttered “did you know dolphins are just gay sharks?” – but a few witty comments and pop culture references are not enough to build a show. Where is an arc? Is winning regionals going to be the focus every episode?  At least a bunch of cameos were fun? (FYI, more Neil Patrick Harris and Kristen Chenoweth please… just saying). Then again, maybe this is just a reminder of the Ryan Murphy Effect.  He’s good at creating an idea – an over-the-top, provocative, sexy idea (see “Popular” and “Nip Tuck”). But actually filling his ideas with honest characters, true arcs, and rich plot? Hell no. Murphy knows camp. In fact, I think he loves anything campy.  I really wonder if Murphy has Mommie Dearest and Showgirls playing continuously in his home. Ryan Murphy seems to love to shock, tease, or just create camp – but isn’t really interested in real life characters.  (Which is why someone as cheesy as Dylan McDermott is perfect in American Horror Story, while the brilliant Connie Britton is working her hardest to ground some sort of reality and truth in the craziness of camp that is happening on that show – while Jessica Lange seems to be doing her Mommie Dearest impression). The thing about camp is that people were actually trying to make something good, it just goes off in such ridiculous, over-the-top directions, that they unknowingly create campy classics. But camp is fun in small doses. Not three plus seasons. Maybe it’s a good thing the leads are seniors and I can guiltlessly say goodbye to them all.

It was a good run Gleeks. I’ll always have the mashups  (favorites being Thriller/Heads will Roll, Walking on Sunshine/Halo, I feel pretty,Unpretty).


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  1. December 6, 2011 at 3:12 pm

    Scott used to watch it with me and this season he couldn’t stand it any more. I’m also behind like 3 episodes hoping it gets better. Obviously it doesn’t.

  2. November 26, 2012 at 8:07 pm

    how dare u ughh so mean i LOVE glee im such a gleek ughhh

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