We dated the Zeros… so you don’t have to.


Where to Meet A Husband? Should Men Use Emoji? And other awesome discussions on “Between the Sheets”


My good friend and debate show podcast partner (check out That’s Debatable! on twitter and iTunes) Julia Lillis and I recently appeared on Josh Macuga’s web series “Between the Sheets” (which can be found on his Youtube channel and website, casualmafia.com). We discussed everything from what it’s like dating in LA, where to meet men, men using emoji’s in texts, what is too many exclamation points in emails, where we met our husbands, karaoke and generally laughed a lot. Watch our episode to see if Julia and I can complete the “Bang Session Speed Round.”

Check out our episode below and be sure to follow Josh for more updates to his series and future webisodes. Things to know about Josh – he’s from Pittsburgh, he can bring some serious karaoke heat, he is a Vine fanatic, and all around awesome guy. Also a really good debater.



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