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Who is making us look the worst?


This is a picture I took of my neighbor's car. Sadly, I don't think he was being ironic. He also had a Bachmann for President lawn sign

The Ames straw poll turned out to be a two horse race, between Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul. In my humble opinion, the winner of this particular horse race is a total horse’s ass. So now, in Bachmann, we have yet another prominent woman with dubious, if non-existent, qualifications touting anti-women policies. Well done Iowa. Yes, the straw poll is little more than a meaningless exercise, but it was enough to knock fellow Minnesotan Tim Pawlenty out of the race, so I guess it has some relevance.

For years, I’ve wanted there to be more women in prominent positions in government. Bachmann is not what I meant. Clearly, when making such wishes, I should be far more specific. I should have wished for more prominent qualified women in positions within government. If anything, Bachmann’s sudden and inexplicable rise to fame makes all women look bad, not unlike a certain former governor. Of course, there are some great female role models out there in politics. It just makes me sad that, aside from Hilary Clinton, the most prominent women in the US political arena are completely embarrassing. And before you call me on my liberal bias (which I’ll totally cop to anyway), I’m including Nancy Pelosi in that hall of shame.

Though gender equality has improved greatly in the last few decades, we still have a way to go. It’s bad enough when men make women look bad. It is worse when we do it to ourselves.

So I thought I’d conduct a little straw poll myself.

A Zeros Before the One Poll

Which of the following women who have thrust themselves into the public eye do you think is most embarrassing/damaging to womankind?

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