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Would You Move To Another Country For Love?


Goodbye America, Hello New Life!

In one week, I’m packing my entire life up into two suitcases and heading across the world – for a new experience, an adventure but mostly for love. People say this decision is brave, but to me, it’s a no brainer. The person I’m in love with is Australian and it’s a genuine love — not bullshit. So, my thought process isn’t why should I move 10,000 miles away to start a new life with him, it’s, why wouldn’t I?

I’m going to be living in a place that most people only dream about seeing in their lifetime. I’ll be visiting amazing sights and learning things about another culture, all while surrounding myself with kangaroos, koalas and people with funny accents. I’m starting my life all over again. It’s scary, a little intimidating but mostly exciting!

I’ll admit, there are some reservations — mainly about leaving my friends and family behind. But, with technology these days I can get a clearer reception on Skype then my AT&T phone. Another reservation, my website. I run an entertainment company centered around celebrity gossip and Hollywood A-List events. I live in Hollywood, the prime location, so why would I leave? Because this is a gamble, an adventure… because I’m in love.

I’m optimistic. There is nothing but positive outcomes that I see from this move. And what’s the worst that can happen? I often get asked, “What if you break up?” and “What if you don’t like it?” My answer is simple. The outlook I’ll gain from this experience is worth the move regardless.

I’m fortunate that my boyfriend has opened my eyes to another world. If it wasn’t for him, this move wouldn’t be happening. I wouldn’t have enough guts to leave this comfortable world behind.

This is what I know — life is all about experience and with age, that becomes clearer. Our parents or even grandparents can contest to that. And that’s exactly how they responded when I told them. Instead of tears, I got smiles and congratulations which made the decision even more right.

So, I guess this really is the bravest thing I’ve done to date — and it’s not a hard decision. I’m looking forward to a new life with my love and am anxious to see what wild adventures await in Australia.


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