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You Can’t Makeup This Stuff


After reading the Shine article entitled Are You Addicted To Makeup?, it became abundantly clear to me that I am not. It also become clear that I am much lazier than the vast majority of women when it comes to my appearance.

Here’s the basic rundown on the article… most women feel more attractive when they wear makeup (no surprise here), and thus prefer to wear it (ditto), often feeling insecure when they don’t (ditto again).

Please don’t get me wrong, I don’t see anything wrong with wanting to look one’s best, nor using makeup if that helps you get there, but there were a few statistics I found both surprising and troubling. According to the study done by Superdrug,14% of women get out of bed in the morning to put on make-up before their partner wakes up and 1 in 10 women would never let their partner see them without makeup. Never. That sounds both exhausting and logistically difficult – do 1 in 10 women get up and put on makeup when they have the flu? If this statistic is to be believed (I don’t have a ton of confidence in an organization called Superdrug, but whatever) then 1 in 10 women are selling themselves short. Because if 1 in 10 women don’t feel confident that their partner would still love them and still be attracted to them if they didn’t have makeup on, it sounds to me that 1 in 10 women don’t feel loved for who they are on the inside. And that makes me really, really sad.

Granted, I probably take it too far in the other direction. A few days ago I walked out of the bathroom and my guy looked at me with vague confusion. Head tilted to the side, he looked at me for a while, trying to put his finger on what was strange. “I’m wearing makeup,” I said. He nodded his head a few time and said,” I knew something was different.” Oops.


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