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3 Great Design Tips That Create a Spa-Like Vibe in A Master Bathroom

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Thinking about renovating your master bathroom? Many homeowners are choosing to upgrade this space to promote feelings of relaxation and comfort. Here are three great design tips that add a spa-like vibe to any master bathroom.

  • Update Your Bathing Experience

Elevate your everyday bathing routine by renovating your shower. In addition to installing a rainfall showerhead, consider adding custom upgrades like LED lights and a speaker system. If a shower isn’t your thing, swap out your current tub for a whirlpool version. Whatever option you decide to pursue, consult the experts in bathroom renovations Gastonia NC to provide you with functional and attractive bathing options.

  • Add Plant Life

When used in interior spaces, plants bring a sense of Zen to the overall design. Incorporating plant life into your bathroom space is an easy way to give the room a natural, soothing vibe. Since the bathroom is a warm and humid space, you need to be careful about what plants you choose. Aloe vera, the spider fern and the Chinese evergreen brighten up any bathroom and help to freshen the air, too.

  • Use Natural Materials

Another great way to add the beauty of nature to your bathing space is by including natural materials in the design. Wood, in particular, looks great in a bathroom and adds a nice sense of warmth. Consider adding a cedar bathmat or a teak tub caddy to use wood as an accent. If you want something a little more impressive, swap out your vanity cabinet for one made of solid wood. Teak and redwood are great options for a bathroom cabinet, and will stand up to the varying temperature conditions of the room.

Experience relaxation in your everyday life by upgrading your bathroom. Follow the tips above to add comfort and luxury to this space and enjoy a better lifestyle. Are you considering to renovate your bathroom or your entire home but on a budget? AC Vision offers affordable home interior design packages such as 2 toilet renovation packages. Check them out today.