7 Skills You Master as You Play Online Games

We often tend to assume that computer games are completely useless and a time waste that we can’t afford. That is the reason we try to stop children in our family from playing online rummy games or quick rounds of candy crush. We worry that the game may affect them adversely without benefiting them in any way. This is a common misconception that we wish to clear in this post. Read along and know the many different ways in which computer games can help improve different skills that may benefit a person in daily lives:


Whether it is a challenging round of scrabble or an online quiz that needs you to be quick, you are sure to master the art of typing if you wish to succeed. That is why typing is among the first skills that computer gamer masters as he plays many rounds of his favourite game online. It helps to increase his overall speed in the game as well as otherwise. If you have caught your child messing with the computer to figure out a game, let him spend some time mastering typing before you scold him.


After the keyboard, it is the mouse that you most frequently use to scroll the page up and down. Unless you know very well how to scroll the page up and down or which side to press to shoot at something in the game, you cannot win it. That is why most avid computer gamers also know well how to manage the mouse with their fingers. They are quick and efficient in handling the device with their fingers.

Hand-eye Co-ordination

Hand-eye co-ordination is something that may play a key role in any profession. It does not matter whether you are into some white collared job or some simple manual labour, eye and hand co-ordination matter everywhere. That is why playing many games may actually help most growing kids. It will help them be quick and efficient with their moves.

Reading Skills

Many professions require you to be quick at reading. This is a skill that needs to be developed early. If you tell your child to sit and read books, he may not find it to be an interesting prospect. However, suggest him to read the instructions for a game to understand it thoroughly and see how he reacts. He will surely take time to read all the instructions so that he may enjoy a game online or on the smartphone. It is a great way to improve reading skills of a person.


Most of us today rely greatly on multi-tasking to ensure we manage all the tasks properly without compromising on any. However, few of us are better than the rest when it comes to multi-tasking. In the same manner, a few kids are better than the rest when it comes to playing many games simultaneously. This may not seem like a very helpful trait during school days but it is. It adds the habit of multi-tasking in the person and this comes handy even after years of stopping to play the game.


To some, the ability to use both the hands simultaneously may seem like a talent but for most mobile gamers, it is a necessity. A player cannot survive in the game unless he uses both the hands at the same pace. This is the reason why most addict mobile gamers tend to become ambidextrous over a period of time.


One of the greatest challenges of the present day is memory loss. It can happen due to a vast range of reasons such as stress, anxiety and depression. Playing games online can help the memory in many different ways. For example, playing ultimate rummycard gameshelps the individuals to remember colours and shapes of cards. It also helps them arrange and organise the cards in proper order.

Similarly, a game of chess may help online players know the right moves and strategies. People who participate in quizzes are bound to know more and gain from the experience.

Yes, playing games may actually enhance your skills and improve your life in many different ways. While you need to be aware of the flip side, you must also appreciate the many benefits associated with online gaming.

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