A Simple Tax Calculator for Businessmen & Independent Contractors

Finding it difficult to calculate your taxes? Don’t worry, whether you are a large scale business organization or small scale business, calculating tax has become absolutely easier with the help of taxfyle’s tax calculator. Yes, now it’s true, you can calculate your tax liability easily with the help of the income tax calculator. 

Perfect for Businessmen

This calculator is perfect for people with all kinds of business and contractor-ship. You can now accurately calculate your tax liability and tax refund. And also in this, you don’t need the help of anyone. If you get confused then you can ask the taxfyle’s customer support team for the same. They will help you and guide you. 

You will be amazed at how this income tax calculator helps you in managing your finances successfully. It will also teach you how to get the maximum out of refunds and also will help in you expecting the right tax liability when the tax season is approaching. There are plenty of users of the same.

Apart from all of this, this income tax calculator works accurately. All that you have to do is choose the version of your choice i.e. simple or advanced version. And fill in all the details minutely without making any errors and mistakes. After which it will calculate your income tax liability and tax refund estimate also. 

Status Option to be Chosen Wisely

When you will do the filing, there will be the option of status which you have to choose carefully. It is because your tax rate and the standard deduction will be calculated on the basis of the same. So, if you are married, then there will be two options- one will be married filing jointly and the other will be married filing separately. 

So, you can discuss it with your husband or wife and then fill this detail. Also, you can contact the customer support team and enquire from them as to what difference does it makes if you choose any of the one options and how does it benefit your tax liability or tax refund. And what will be the outcome if choose the wrong option. 

But I have already told you that it will affect your tax rate calculation and deductions, but if you want to know in-depth about the same you can contact taxfyle’s tax calculator team to know more. Now, if you have a self –employment income, then your customer should have mailed you a 1099-MISC. 

Role of Dependents

Also, for this tax calculator, you should deduct your expenses from your income in finding out your net income from self-employment. ( the number which you should enter into their tax calculator). The next question you will have is as to why the advanced version is asking about dependents. Well, dependents play a very important role. 


In determining your tax refund or tax liability the dependents play a very pivotal role. Their tax calculator accounts for those so that they can provide you with an accurate estimate of your taxes as possible. Also, you should remember that you should enter as much information as possible in this tax calculator. 

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