Benefits of Hiring a CDL Lawyer

For many drivers, it is easier to pay fines for moving violations and accept the points on their licenses than it is to fight the ticket in court. For drivers of commercial motor vehicles, however, traffic tickets can cause your CDL to be suspended or disqualify you from driving jobs for a required period of time. In these cases, it is beneficial to hire a CDL lawyer to help get unfair tickets reduced or dismissed. Not only can these attorneys help you keep your license longer, but you can also get advice from experienced individuals for other ways to protect your CDL.

Keep Your License Longer

Many experienced CDL attorneys work with organizations designed to help truckers with everything from fighting tickets to insurance coverage, on and off the road. This takes a look at all the factors impacting your license between renewals as well as those affecting your family, health and career to help you keep breakdowns, injuries or premiums from impacting your license. TVC Pro Driver memberships, for example, include local representation in court for your case so you can keep driving instead of taking time off work for your case.

Get Experience Guided Advice

Working with attorneys and other professionals who have experience with all that accompanies driving commercial motor vehicles can give you an added benefit of advice on which laws and regulations to watch out for, what types of insurance riders are most beneficial to your professional and personal needs and how to deal with the stress of the job. Some membership plans extend the benefits to your spouse or teens who do not have a CDL but could benefit from roadside assistance, legal representation in moving violation cases, and much more.

When you hire a CDL lawyer to help fight an unfair moving violation, you can do more than save your license to operate commercial moving vehicles, you can save your career and get professional advice on moving forward as a trucker. You can also find memberships with additional benefits for yourself and your family.