Different Stages Of Dating

Dating is a very interesting thing to look at, dating can be a very fun or very nervous experience, depending on the stage you are on and the type of dating you are having. Whenever you have an online dating or real-world meeting, one thing is still the same: it can be a life-changing or it can be just a waste of time. You can make the later one a bit useful if you will manage to make it at least fun experience, so make sure to keep your fear away and be free.

As for now, you should learn that dating, in a nutshell, has some stages that are always the same and depending on your stage, you will have to go through different experiences. Each relationship starts with these stages…

First stage: Interest

The very first step of the dating is mutual interest for each other. You see your future love, notice he/she, for some reason you get interested by that person, he or she gets your attention and that attention turns into attraction. You become attracted to that man or woman that you saw and you realize that you are starting to like him/her.

This is the earliest stage of dating and it is something that may happen to you every day, you don’t have strong feelings, just some like feel and a little attraction that may easily go away or may evolve to next stage…

Second stage: Get to Know the Person

The next stage your dating starts in its early forms is getting to know the person who you liked a bit. You start to know that person, analyze him/her, understand his/her personality and feelings.

In this stage, you start to like that person more, get more serious about him/her, show more interest… Or everything can be in vice versa, you start to realize that this person was not who you thought he/she was, you start to realize that this person does not fits you and you are starting to stop liking him/her.

If it seems that this person is suitable for you, after knowing this person a bit better, after analyzing him or her if you still feel that you like him/her, your feelings evolve to the next stage…

Third stage: Introduction

Now, this is the stage where real dating starts to appear. After you realize that you actually like that person a lot after you are sure that you want a closer relationship with him or her, the stage of introduction kicks in and the fun starts.

You are trying to introduce yourself to that person in a way that this person will get interested in you, then you are trying to turn this interest into attraction and make that person actually like you, at least a bit. This is probably one of the hardest stages for most people as you are required to somehow get positive signals from your future partner, if you fail there, then maybe your relationship will not even actually start. That’s why this stage may go on for months or in some cases for years until you get the results you need or until you give up.

But if you manage to get the signals, the results you need, then your relationship advances to the next level.

Fourth stage: Make Your Feelings Clear

The next step is showing your feelings clearly, making it clear how you feel about your future love. On this stage both of you should be sure that you want to be together, all is left saying it…

This stage is usually short but not easy, it is one of the hardest stages for most people. Many people have a lot of trouble of saying some worlds, I don’t know, maybe worlds like: I love you?!

After you have finally forced yourself to say these three magic words, after you get it out of your mouth and get a similar response from your chosen one, it is time to go to the next stage.

Fifth stage: Start Real Dating & Relationship

The final step is when you start having dating meetings, hanging out together and spending time with one another. This step can go on for a very short time or in a better case for a very long time.

This is the step when your relationship is at its prime when you both feel comfortable with one another. The logical ending for it can be a heartbreaking break up or a good weeding.