How to bet on basketball?

Basketball is one of the most famous sports in the world. Millions of people around the globe enjoy watching the sport in numerous leagues and tournaments year after year.

It is one of the most popular sports to bet on football and tennis, with bookmakers offering a broad range of betting types and markets in which you may find many valuable opportunities. The most popular league around the globe is the National Basketball Association in the United States. The NBA started in 1946 with just 11 teams.

Betting On Basketball – Spread Betting

Spread betting is the most famous form of betting on basketball. It also goes with the name of Line betting. But whatever you like to call it, it is importantly a form of handicap betting.

Betting On Basketball Underdogs

Like many other sports and leagues, the average bettor likes to bet on favourites. This can often result in the market being distorted in favour of underdogs, particularly underdogs receiving large handicaps. 

Betting On Basketball Popular Teams

Much in a similar way that the average punter likes to bet favourites in the NBA, they also like to bet on popular teams. The most famous team in the NBA is the Los Angeles Lakers. Obviously, they have been a successful team over the decades, but this successful history often sees average punters throwing silly money in their direction, based purely on reputation alone. Although, if you look at some simple statistics, you can see that such thoughtless betting on basketball has not been particularly successful.

Betting On Basketball Totals

Betting on the total points that are scored in a game is a very popular form of betting on basketball. Relying on the league or tournament, then the number of points scored will vary significantly. In the NBA, point totals will depend on the range of 180 to 220 points game to game, with the average in the mid 190 point range. In most of college and European basketball, you can expect to see point totals in the range of 120 to 160 points.

So the thing which can make you succeed betting on basketball totals is, The first thing is to not pay any attention to a team’s short term averages. This cannot help you much. The note you can keep is you want to be keeping a note of rare occurrences. For instance, games featuring the New York Knicks may have had an average of 195 in their last 10 games. But one of those games might have been an overtime result that saw 245 points scored. This result will distort the average significantly.

So rather than depending on averages, look at how often a team’s games will go over or under a given points total. For example, if the total listed for a Knick is 195 points, make a record of how many times recent Knicks games have gone over or under that total. If you may identify a significant trend either over or under that 195 point line, you might want to consider taking that bet.

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