How to End Your 2020 on a Good Note

As you enter the new year, you want to leave all the bad vibes of 2020 behind. This doesn’t mean ignoring or forgetting everything that happened, especially the pandemic that is still threatening the economy, but you do want to give 2021 a fresh start.

How do you end a year that has been unkind to you? Here are some ideas:

List down your new priorities

 The worst year in recent history has turned lives upside down. The priorities you carried from 2019 might have changed drastically when the pandemic hit. From a hardworking young professional, suddenly you needed to evaluate how much you were caring for your mental health. Instead of always being informed of the latest news, you wanted to disconnect due to the triggering content that ran rampant on social media. In 2021, you want to take into consideration all those negative experiences and feelings from 2020 and create your new priorities from them. Always put your mental health and wellbeing first, and watch where your finances are going as well. These should be more important than fun travel experiences, which have become dangerous in light of virus spread.

Accept all that happened in the past year

 From personal to family changes, there is a need for you to acknowledge all of these before you move on to the new year. If there was a change in the income of the family, it’s time to accept this new income, whether it’s bigger or smaller, and adjust your budget accordingly. You also have to accept the new normal as the standard, which includes practices that lower the risk of you getting infected by airborne diseases when you go out. If your work situation has changed, accept this as well. After you have acknowledged and accepted these changes, you will feel lighter about moving forward to 2021.

Prepare for anything that 2021 might bring

 It may feel like you’re starting from scratch in 2021, but that’s not really the case if you know your priorities and have established habits that will guide you forward. When it comes to life and relationships, the people who matter will still be there in your life. As for habits, take a look at what remains, even if it’s something as simple as eating a plant-based diet, ending your day with a Korean face mask, or being up before the sun rises. These familiar habits will anchor you as you rebuild in 2021. Next, prepare for the unpredictable. Truth be told, you should face 2021 like you would any other year–with excitement for a new beginning. What makes it challenging is the fact that 2020 was unpredictable in the worst ways. Continue preparing for what’s to come, and leave the blip that was 2020 behind.

How you welcome 2021 will set the tone for the year in your life. If you look at it with an optimistic and hopeful perspective, you can find something good even amidst a crisis. On the other hand, if you live in fear of what’s to come, it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy of a bad life. Take your pick.