Industry 4.0 Myths When It Comes To Manufacturing

From the first industrial revolution to the 4th one that is happening now, many good things and benefits would come with this industrial machinery revolution. Some believe it would bring a new way to use technology and made life simpler. In more complex industries and interconnectivity of technology will help with production systems.

But some are scared of the whole concept as well and fear what the future would bring. While there are benefits, many myths have come forward too which is haltering the progress of what industrial 4.0 is bringing with itself. Here are some myths that you should be knowing about and let the new emergency of this revolution help in accelerating the transformation.

This New Technology Would Be Quite Expensive

With anything new that came in the market, whether it is the first TV, phone, or the first DVD player, the first of the kind technologies used to come with a hefty price tag. But with 4.0? It will not put a strain on your bank account. For example, industries would be able to generate insights with huge actionable data on their hand and make themselves productive, efficient, and not forget agile.

And this will ultimately result in optimizing the processes, shortening the cycle time, and also increasing quality while decreasing energy loss. Also, if you are scared about the expensive robotics that would come with industry 4.0, the prices are falling every day and the capabilities of robotic applications are increasing.

It Will Cause Unemployment

Many think that the 4.0 revolution is at par with robots and algorithms, and therefore unemployment would be one of the negative things that would come with this revolution. This has created a vision of massive unrest and unemployment. Though with this, the repetitive task will be declined, new jobs will be created. Not just an increase in jobs but the perks would be far more attractive than the disappointing ones before. With industrial machinery and a smart algorithm, the higher emphasis would be given to creativity, interpersonal communicative skills.

It Is Meant For The Large Companies

Many believe that only the big companies, the multinational ones would be able to benefit from it. But in truth it would help businesses of every level by increasing productivity, resolving root issues, creating a transparent environment.

The potential of Industry 4.0 is great and by disengaging in these myths one would finally be able to unlock them and benefit from them in the future. Being scared of the evolution that is coming henceforth will stop you from enjoying the manifold benefits. Robots, smart technology and algorithm are changing the way, business and different industrial sectors are being conducted nowadays.