Line Markings – The Solution To Safe Driving

To ensure order on highways, line markings must be used. This is a special marking that informs the driver of certain information. Safety of people mainly on roads is paramount, and the government should do everything necessary to make sure that there are directions on roads. Many companies today deal with the line marking services and this helps a lot to keep order on the roads.

Types and features of line marking

Line markings are applied on a permanent or temporary basis. In the first case, white paint is used. Yellow highlight places of public transport, and areas with prohibited parking. Temporary markings are applied with yellow, orange and red paint. Black is used only in combination with white. Reflective materials are also widely used.

They are classified by type into :

  • Longitudinal (single or double solid and dashed lines);
  • Transverse (solid, dotted, zebra);

Pictograms are also used to help you better navigate.

Lack of line markings on roads and parking lots often leads to emergencies and scandals between drivers. This can only be avoided with the help of conventional line markings, which play a significant role in the regulation of traffic.

Longitudinal, or horizontal, marking:

The longitudinal, or horizontal, marking acts as the boundary between the highway and the pedestrian zone, and also separates automobile flows from each other. The solid line shows where the road ends. The intermittent has the same value, but it is used in two-way traffic. Double solid is used on routes with four or more streams. Intersections and parking lots are marked with a short dotted line.

A solid bold line indicates that the driver needs to stop. The triangular dotted line indicates that you need to brake only if another vehicle is moving along the intersected road. “Zebra” means a pedestrian crossing. It may have arrows showing how the flow of people will move. The square dotted line shows the intersection of the bike path and the roadway.

For marking use paint and thermal or cold plastic. The paint is based on water or an organic solvent. Polymers with coloured chips can be added to it. On top of such markings, elements with reflective particles are often applied. Thanks to them, signs are visible to the driver, and driving is safer.

Thermal plastic is a polymer resin mixed with a mineral filler. The markings made of plastic come out thick and visible even in the dark and on a wet road. It has excellent performance and does not wear out for a long time. The ability to read information from line markings is crucial for the driver, but the pedestrian will also help to protect themselves. Well, for those who like to cross in the wrong place, it can even save a life.

To sum up, line markings are very crucial as they ensure that there is safe driving on roads. Apart from that, pedestrians are also safeguarded since there are zebra crossings to help them cross the roads. Thus, finding the line marking company to do the work is vital. Line marking company available in Penrith deals in the field and is highly renowned.

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