Making Your WhatsApp for Business Safe

Instant messaging platforms have become the standard in business communications. These applications offer more in terms of accessibility and speed compared to emails and meetings. In most cases, platforms like WhatsApp also have better security.

Still, as security measures evolve, so do the risks. Even if WhatsApp offers features like encryption and WhatsApp chat archived, you must enhance data protection on the user side.

It is not enough to keep an archived chat on WhatsApp; below, we list the ways you can make your application safe for business communications:

Only Use the Official Apps

Some users find the WhatsApp platform’s features limited, so they look for versions that suit their preferences. While these extra applications provide you with more functions and freedom, this puts you at significant risk of a cyberattack.

The only official applications are WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business, which have all the safety features to ensure you don’t fall victim to scammers and phishers. However, if you find the official apps lacking, you can use APIs for WhatsApp.

Set Up Two-Factor Authentication

An additional security step is always a good idea, especially if you are sending and receiving critical data through any instant messaging platform. As passwords slowly become outdated, many users have turned to two-factor authentication to protect their information.

Two-factor authentication uses a combination of different identity-confirming factors to verify the user. These can include passwords, OTPs, and biometrics (retina and fingerprint scans).

By setting up two-factor authentication for your WhatsApp and its APIs, you can further enhance the protection of your application.

Note: WhatsApp will not ask for codes for any action. A QR code will be used to log inon computers.

Stay Wary of Malware

You might come across a strange message now and then when using WhatsApp. As a user, it is paramount to avoid clicking on any executable files or links sent by suspicious accounts since they might contain malware.

If you receive links and files from unknown users, always ignore them. If possible, also consider blocking the account. You can also install antivirus software for good measure.

Leverage Archiving Solutions

Another excellent security step to take for your company’s communication safety is by using archiving software. These helpful applications capture and store all conversations sent to and from your WhatsApp application.

Several regulatory bodies like FINRA and the SEC also mandate archives. If you do not have one yet, we recommend partnering with LeapXpert so you and your company can stay compliant.