Plan a Summer Road Trip to Maximize Your Vacation

Kids are graduating and ending the school year that means it’s time for summer vacation. Road trips are back and offer excellent ways to social distance and enjoy much-needed time away from home. Whether you hit the beach, see the beauty of the mountains or explore new locations, a road trip offers many advantages for families.


Traveling by car means you can use the one you already have. By buying used GMC truck parts versus new, you can save even more money prepping your vehicle for traveling miles away from home. Take a few spare parts of things that often break on your vehicle, so there is no worry of being stranded in an unexpected location.


By traveling on the road, you have limitless options for food. Not only can you discover new mom-and-pop restaurants in towns along the way, but you can pack a cooler and save money. Find a cooler that holds the amount of food you desire. Popular road trip favorites include sandwich fixings, fruit, pre-cut veggies and salads. You can eat healthy and save money.


Not sure what to find in the next town to keep your family occupied? Look for famous landmarks, odd locations or improvise along the way. Car rides can become boring for the kids, but travel games, coloring and movies can make the time fly between locations.


Plan a route ahead of time but leave some room for spontaneity. The joys of traveling by car mean that you are not stuck into a set list of to-dos. You can make a note of all the things you really want to see, then add in some spots you find along the way. Maybe you plan to visit Yellowstone but find a neat road marker three miles off the road to visit. You can do both. A vehicle allows for maximum flexibility while enjoying time away from home.


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