The Effects of Bad Break Up to Your Brain

No one likes it, but unfortunately in everybody’s life there comes a time of break up, the time when your relationship with your partner has to end for some reason and there is no other way. Of course, there are rare times when break up is actually bringing happiness to both of you, times when you finally ended an unhealthy relationship and you are free from it, it feels really good… But what about more common times when break up is hard for both of you, times when you feel you lost a part of you? When your ex-partner also feels the same way? It feels bad, really bad and in some cases can cause just too many troubles…

Today, here are the several effects of break up on your brain, several things that happen in your head and what can you do to make break up as easy for you as possible.

Love is like a drug

There is a saying that a person falling in love is the same as a being addicted to drugs, well, research shows that this is very true.
When you fall in love, a lot of changes are triggered in your brain, including changes in neurotransmitter chemistry and hormonal levels. The same neural circuitry is involved in all types of addiction, including drug addiction. Unfortunately, after a break-up, the results and experience are similarly hard as drug addicted person experiences after being forced to give up on drugs. This shows very well, how painful and hard a bad, really bad break up can be, but you can still handle it! More on that later…

Break up has similarities to physical pain

It is well known when you feel any kind of pain, it is nothing more than just a signal, warning from your brain that some part of your body is damaged or suffering, but what’s interesting, there are similar processes in your brain after you break up with your loved one.

A study at Columbia University used the scans of human brains that had unwanted divorces or breakups in last 6 months, the research showed that brain of those people had similar reactions during physical pain process and during times when they look at their loved ones’ pictures.

In other words, every time you look at your ex-partner’s photos or things that remember you him or her, you are having some type of pain feel that is negatively affecting your mood & mind.

Bad break up fills you up with negative feelings

Depression, stress and bad mood are quite common after you end a long relationship with your loved partner. It is the most common result of break up in all ages.
The reason behind it is that, when you break up, your brain is still in love and it prioritizes thinking about your ex-partner, that leads to bad feelings about yourself, your ex-partner and your story. This way, your mind easily gets filled up with bad feelings and memories, plus there is less room for good feelings.

How to overcome the stress of break up

Of course, break up is always hard, painful & stressful, but you should never let yourself down, after all, it is nothing you can’t handle! Here are some good pieces of advice after break up you need to follow if you want to easily overcome the troubles caused by break up:

Stop thinking about your ex

The first, very basic but very effective step to prevent or overcome stress caused by break up is to stop thinking about your ex-partner. Just drop all thoughts about him/her from your head, ignore anything that reminds you of your ex. Thinking about the past, about your ex-partner will not do any good but will do a lot worse – more pain and more depression, so stop it.

Change your routine and get a busy schedule

A good way to stop thinking about your ex-partner and focus on different things is by changing your daily routine and making yourself busy with something. Start working out in the gym, go on trips, start hiking or cycling, find a new hoppy, hand out with friends… There are many good things that can help you feel happy and stop thinking about the past.

Bonus tip: meet new people, it will be a great, fun & useful experience!

The bottom line…

Breaking up is really hard to go through, but it is something that everyone goes through at least several times in their life, it is bad, hard & unpleasant experience but you are strong enough to overcome it!