Landani ridden by John Robertson wins the Ladbrokes Odds Boost 4YO+ Maiden Plate at Stony Creek Racecourse on December 28, 2019 in Stony Creek, Australia. (Leonie Grbic/Racing Photos via Getty Images)

Greyhound racing is commonly known as the “dog race”. It derives its name from a specific breed of dogs. The greyhound breed originally comes from Great Britain & the dogs of this breed have an athletic physique. These dogs are usually very low on weight & seem to be very skinny in appearance. The average weight of a greyhound dog is between 25 & 40 KG (60 & 90 LBS).

The greyhound racing odds today dates back to 1920 in history before that, and these dogs were mostly used for hunting & coursing. The origin of greyhound races comes from the United States. Greyhound racing is typically a sport of enjoyment & in some parts of the world. While on the other hand, in countries like Mexico, the United Kingdom, United States, Spain, Macau, these races are a major part of the gambling & betting industry. This sport is very similar to traditional horse racing, just the difference is between animals & in this game, there is no jockey involved. Although traditionally, the greyhound races started on live grounds in an oval shape, now mostly the bets placed over these races take place online on gambling websites or apps.

Market Odds & Tips of Greyhound Race

The greyhound racing game always has an exciting part of the gambling industry because in these races, the control is purely in the hands of these animals & you never know how these animals will react to what conditions. The odds are very simple in this industry because mostly the odds that are placed by the bookmakers are equivalent to $1. However, on the online betting platforms, the scenario changes sometimes because the odds might be split into decimal or fractions depending upon the market conditions.

Here are a few quick tips to look out for by the bet players before placing any bets on the dogs. Please go through it carefully in order to make sure that you win.

  1. The past history of a dog is always to be checked by the player before placing any bets.
  2. The class of dog is mentioned in the dog profile, which is a major factor that lets you understand the family history of that particular dog.
  3. Always check for the split records of the dog, which lets you predict the time that dog will take in the upcoming race.
  4. The next thing to check is the speed of the dog in the recent five races over time.
  5. Also, check for the dog trainer & their experience in the industry, which lets you know if the dog is in good hands out of the racecourse.
  6. The most important thing to be checked by every player is the fatigue records of the dog that will help you understand the dog’s reaction to certain environments of racing.

Hopefully, this article helps you in understanding the odds of greyhound racing & help you in winning a fortune by placing perfect bets.