Readying your pet for the first grooming

Pet grooming might seem akin to a spa day, but the chances are that your pet is going to see things differently. Much like how vet surgeries seem to set pet knees knocking with no good reason, groomers have a habit of making our four-legged friends nervous.

Your pet doesn’t know this is a lovely, pamper-filled way to keep them looking their best. As far as they’re concerned, it’s a scary experience without their loving owners. What’s more, it involves the ever-dreaded bath, and a stranger’s hands all over them. Talk about a bad day out!

If your pet is set for their first trip to the groomers, then you’ll want to take a few steps with the help of affordable pet care to make the process easier for everyone. Luckily,  a few simple pointers are all you need to get your pet ready and (perhaps) willing for the big day. Keep reading to find out what they are.

#1 – Good grooming starts at home

A pet that’s not used to being touched in certain places is never going to react well to the grooming process. As such, you should make sure to implement a nightly grooming routine at home. This is a fantastic way to bond but, more importantly, it acclimatises your pet to the feel of a brush and someone’s hand on their body. This can be invaluable for when their official groom comes. They certainly won’t freak out as much if they’re used to these sensations!

#2 – Take a fun pre-groom trip

New places can be daunting for pets especially if you just drop them off and leave them. As such, a pre-groom trip to the parlour is always recommended. Either take your dog to book the appointment or ask if you can take them for a tour before the big day. A decent parlour should be more than willing to accommodate. Make this a fun trip to remember by keeping the best dog treats UK in your pocket throughout, or luring your cat with snippets of their favourite pet food through their carrier. You could even finish the trip with their favourite walking route so they have only fond memories when it comes time to return.

#3 – Stock up on calming supplies

It’s also worth stocking up on a few things that might calm your TOY POODLE PUPPIES. Again, this could be their favourite treats that you leave with the groomers for the duration. Or, it might be something like a treat ball, which can keep them distracted through most of the process. In cases of nervous pets, you might even want to invest in calming pheromone sprays or similar to guarantee that you can keep your pet calm throughout, and thus ensure grooming goes well.

In all honesty, few pets embrace trips to the groomers with open arms. But, by taking these simple steps before their first trip, you can at least avoid some of the trauma that could otherwise see them refusing ever to set foot in that building again!