The Best Place to Stay in Lake Toba Indonesia

As the center of Lake Toba tourism and the home of Batak, Samosir Island is naturally the place most tourists choose to stay overnight. You would also want to stay in the Tuk Tuk area on the island, where things are most active and happening. Also there are many popular restaurants, hotels, and bars so it makes it more perfect for those places to be stayed at.

Samosir Lakeside Accommodation

1.    The taste of Batak tradition – Carolina Hotel

The Carolina Hotel is one of the most popular hotels on Samosir Island, for a good reason. Although the price you pay for the room may cost high, do not be discouraged because the view you get is much more than that. The room in this hotel is using the concept of Batak traditional house style, so you definitely get a complete Batak experience!

Step out of the balcony, enjoy the panoramic view of the mountains and the vast lake, stroll in the beautiful garden, or enjoy a meal in the hotel’s lake view restaurant; wherever you go, you will see all the beauty of Lake Toba.

2.    Have fun with your family! – Samosir Villa Resort

If you want to have fun with your family in an obviously family-friendly accommodation, then bring them to Samosir Villa Resort which looks a bit like a lakeside cottage resort. Although the style and facilities of the rooms (such as electric kettles) may be a bit rudimentary, the resort’s character, landscape, and interesting atmosphere make up for this. It has a beautiful lakeside location. The lodge also has two swimming pools, a playground, a gymnasium, and most importantly, the best place to swim in is the lake! There are restaurants and bars to choose from around this area if you are craving for some food or beer.

3.    The taste of home-Mas Cottages

Do you often miss home when you travel? Maybe Mas Cottages is your best choice. This family-run hotel has always been well received by guests and praised for its staff and warm hospitality. The rooms of these cottages are facing the shore of the lake so you can wake up every morning to amazing views.


We recommend that you stay on Samosir Island to make the most of your trip, but we all know Murphy’s law that is annoying but often unavoidable, right? Anything that can go wrong will go wrong, which is why we have listed two Parapat hotels for you, in case of derailment (and you missed the ferry to Samosir Island (*knock wood*), you will be ready to pretend it is always part of the plan.

1.    Clean and green-Atsari Hotel Parapat (from US$57)

If you have a little green or like greenery, you may not even want to leave the Atsari Hotel. This elegant hotel in Parapat not only faces Lake Toba, but is also surrounded by greenery. There are even trees planted on the balcony! The night is cool and the day is quiet. The hotel is spacious and beautifully furnished rooms are a great choice for tired travelers during the day to get a good night’s sleep.

2.    Top of the World: Niagara Hotels and Resorts

Niagara Hotels and Resorts are located on high ground, offering endless views of Lake Toba spanning for miles. The decor is simple and the rooms are spacious. This is a good and simple choice for a short stay in Palapat. Be sure to stay in a guest room facing the lake, the pleasant view will soothe any grumpy travelers.

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