The Types of Cyber Crimes that are Expected to Grow in Next 20 Years

The crimes especially the cybercrimes are on the continuous rise across the world with new techniques and methods. In general, even the general criminal activities have included technological applications, but the cybercrimes can never be compared to other general crimes because of the massive and devastating outcome of the cybercrimes. This is the reason why cyber security concerns are getting importance. In this context, all white hat cybersecurity researchers say that the cybersecurity challenges will grow in the future because of the increase of cybercrimes in numerous ways and types. The technology is improving at full speed and it will continue to improve. Since the basic source of cyberattacks is the technology and since technology is growing, the cybercrime is sure to grow in the coming days.

Most cybersecurity researchers and professionals agree upon the fact that some of the attacks which have more advantages for the hackers will grow in the future twenty years such as cyber-jacking, human malware, cyber assault, cyber extortion, car sploiting, brick attack, identity theft squared, and mini-power outages. Earlier plane hijacking was physically done mostly by the terrorists, but in the contemporary and future physical plane hijacking will be replaced by cyber-jacking techniques.

Many people are connecting cyber-jacking to the mysterious disappearance of Malaysian flight 370 which may have no base, but cyber-jacking is going to play critical in the coming days there is no doubt about it. This may also include various exploitations such as hacking the plane management system, attacking ground-based flight services, interfering in air traffic control system with fake flights while causing disappearances of real planes etc.

The cybersecurity professionals are confidently predicting human malware where human will be infected by malware. They are predicting this based on the contemporary numerous infections caused to the internet-enabled implants such as cardioverter-defibrillators, pacemakers, insulin pumps etc. Eventually, the human body can be physically put to the hazardous situation if these devices are hacked and used for malicious intentions. The cybersecurity professionals and researchers have already proved and demonstrated that hackers can break into the implant and hurt or kill the victims.

Another growing cybersecurity threat that has the possibilities of increasing in the future is the cyber assault which will be performed through the networked appliances and systems of home automation. The cyber attackers can effectively invade the day-to-day life of the people through cyber assault and can cause physical harm.