Three Facts About Having Your Car Fixed After an Accident

What happens to your car after you have been in an accident? When your vehicle gets hooked up to a tow truck and hauled away, where does it go? Many people aren’t sure what the process is to get their car good as new again. Usually, your car gets taken to a repair shop that specializes in fixing vehicles after accidents. They have the knowledge and experience to work with your insurance company and the expertise to fix your car. Here are three facts about working with an auto body shop Denver CO after a fender bender.

  • More Than the Exterior Gets Inspected

The frame of your car is the support for everything in your vehicle. When you have had an accident, the drivetrain, frame, wheels, interior and body all take an impact. This damage may not always be visible, but it dramatically affects the safety of your vehicle. An experienced technician goes through your car in detail and documents all the damage. They work with appraisers to determine the cost of repairs.

  • Bending Metal Takes Skill

Damaged parts on a car are not simply popped back into place. Once the metal bends, it takes a lot of effort to return it to its original shape. It needs reshaping, smoothing, polishing and repainting to look new again. If the metal is bent too much, it can be weak and need replacing. All plastic components are also replaced with new pieces since technicians can’t repair them.

  • Your Vehicle Can Look New Again

Skilled workers can fix the appearance of your car and its structural integrity so it looks like it did before the accident. Depending on the damage, this may take a few days or a few weeks.

When you’ve been in an accident, your ride may be restorable. Work with your local car company and insurance to get your vehicle good as new.