Why Role Queue in Overwatch is a blessing

With the latest patch, Blizzard announced a new feature – Role Queue in Overwatch. Now every team is forced to have two damage dealers, two tanks and two supports. From first glance, this looks ridiculous! Imagine how Fifa in one bright day decides that every team from now must have one goalkeeper, two attackers (strikers), four midfielders and four defenders. Any team that has different compositions will not be allowed to play official competitive matches. The pretty same feature was added to the Overwatch 2-2-2 or role-lock is forcing players to pick heroes only from the predefined roles for the whole match and map.

This is the biggest change in Overwatch in the past three years. The impact on the Overwatch League is already here and it is incredibly positive. Just a small reminder, Blizzard said that the eSport Overwatch League must reflect traditional for every sport setup. Overwatch League consists from 20 teams from all over the world and they will compete against each other. As you know cybersport is incredibly popular right now and there involved insanely big money. Only in 2019 eight Tier-1 Overwatch teams spent ~$30 million dollars to secure a slot at the world event. Prize money in Overwatch League is not as impressive as League of Legends or Dota 2, but they are increasing from year to year. At the Blizzcon 2019 eight strongest teams compete for ~$1.1 million dollars prize. But do not forget that cybersportsmen are being salaried. And salaried a lot, approximately a common Tier One player is earning a minimum $50k per year and organizations also providing accommodation through the whole season and healthcare assurance with the retirement detailed plan.

But that does not hold professional players from boosting accounts of casual players. If you are really interested in such a matter, then you need to visit this website –, here real professionals are playing. So if you would love to learn something new, the boosting is the best source. Otherwise, how could you find an opportunity to speak with the professional Overwatch player in the personal chat and learn some neat tricks?

With such great resources being involved, Blizzard is interested in the total event viewers. The best way to secure it is to keep the game continuously updated and creating such opportunities for teams to create exciting competitions for everyone. And let’s be honest it was not too exciting to look how two GOATs teams are fighting against each other. Right now every team has every opportunity to mix defensive, offensive, and support players in many creative ways and this will make the Overwatch much more interesting to play and watch.

Here is a pure statistic – each team played 28 games during 2019 OWL season and each game was played across four maps (and I did not count tiebreakers). This is obvious that every high-tier team is always looking for the most effective team composition and a playstyle for the current Overwatch patch. During the whole season, every team has found the strongest team composition with which they could face rolling every opponent. This is incredibly boring to watch, nobody loves “”mirror”” matchups.