5 Best Ways of Kill Bacteria and Germs on Sneakers

One best habit that the COVID-19 pandemic instilled in every person is hygiene. Well, we aren’t saying that people did not consider staying clean before; it is just that we have become hyper-vigilant of our surroundings now. For instance, we sanitize or wash our hands quite often, even in public places. 

But did you know germs and bacteria are capable of clinging to your clothes and shoes, too? In the case of clothes, we are sure you will wash them thoroughly. But, what about your Yeezy Slides Bone and those pesky bacteria and germs clinging to them?

Thankfully, there are ways to eliminate most, if not all, bacteria by disinfecting the shoes properly. Below mentioned are some easy ways of combating bacteria and germs off the footwear. 

1- Detergent solution

It is one of the simplest ways of eliminating bacteria and germs from your shoes. Fill a spray bottle with some water and mix a cap full of laundry detergent. Shake the solution well to mix the water and detergent. 

Every time you are back home, spray a little solution over the heels and soles and let it dry overnight. 

2- Disinfectant wipes

You may already have a few disinfectant wipes in your house. Apart from using them for the intended purpose, use them to clean your shoes. The best thing about wipes is that they can eliminate almost 99% of germs. 

Wipe the soles, edges, and heels of the shoes thoroughly and keep them dry. The solution should evaporate within minutes, leaving your shoes to smell fresh. 

3- Isopropyl alcohol

Fill a spray bottle with 70% isopropyl alcohol and spray it onto the soles of your shoes. This highly effective method works best for leather and rubber-soled shoes, sneakers, and even boots. 

Plus, they don’t even have any damaging impacts on the shoes. 

4- UV shoe sanitizer

You can even spend a few dollars on high-tech disinfecting tools like UV shoe sanitizer. This portable equipment can eliminate germs and bacteria from both the inside and outside of the shoes. 

All you need to do is insert the device into your shoes, plug it in and let it show its magic. 

Just follow all the instructions mentioned in the user manual to avoid any damage to the shoes. 

5- Disinfectant spray
If you want to stay away from DIY disinfectant solutions, it is best to purchase some specially formulated shoe disinfectant spray. 

You can easily find disinfectant sprays at your local shops or online store. They will ensure to eliminate the bacteria and germs from the entire surface of your shoes while leaving behind a fresh fragrance. 

Over to you

There is nothing much you can do to keep the germs and bacteria from getting onto your shoes. But you can practice some proactive shoe maintenance and care. 

Use either of the tips suggested above to maintain the hygiene of your Yeezy Slides Bone.