Top Tips To Style Your Emporio Armani Watches With Different Outfits

Since a watch is an accessory representing the wearer’s personality, it only seems right for the watch to match the outfit or the dress code of an occasion. It guides you through determining which Emporio Armani watch will work the best with which outfit – from a black tie event to a casual brunch.

What is the Dress Code Formality?

Establishing the event’s dress code is the easiest way to ensure that you wear the correct watch.

  • Black Tie/White Tie: Traditionally, wearing a watch to such a formal event was looked down upon. Nowadays, a minimal, classic dress watch with a small, barely decorated dial and a black leather band is considered appropriate by the majority of people. The Emporio Armani Man three-hands leather watch is perfect for all formal events, such as a black tie.
  • Business Dress: Choose a simple, classic-style silver or gold wristwatch with a thin dial and few or no complexities for business wear. A darker conservative suit looks great with a traditional dress watch. Some argue that you should avoid wearing a suit with a diver watch; however, a less formal suit with a leather strap can be like the Emporio Armani Automatic Black Leather Watch.
  • Sharp Casual: Button-down shirts, khaki pants, dark denim, sports jackets, leather shoes, and so on. An outfit you would wear to a casual workplace event or on a date. Large watch displays and watches with more intricacies become suitable for such events. Emporio Armani Chronograph Blue Leather Watch goes perfectly well with all sharp casual outfits.
  • Casual: All watch styles, except the dress watch, will work with your most casual outfits – polo shirts, jeans, and T-shirts. If you expect to engage in physical activities, you want something tough, like the Chronograph Gunmetal Stainless Steel Watch.

Match the Straps with Belt and Shoes

The material and colour of the shoes are a good starting point for selecting a watch band. Begin by coordinating both belts and shoes. You could wear a black or brown watch band with shoes and a belt of the same colour. Silver or gold band with either colour. Swappable bands are a good option for those who possess a variety of coloured shoes. The watchbands can be a different colour than your shoes, but they should be close in tone, like light, medium or dark. Rough or worn leather straps complement jeans better. But, a watch like this would be inappropriate at a fine-dining affair. Emporio Armani watches’ leather strap is a timeless option, but silver or gold bands are suitable when they complement the rest of the outfit.

Match your Watch with Other Accessories 

You can style your Emporio Armani watches casing with other accessories. You can select any shape of the dial. It can be round, rectangular, square, or polygonal. You can prefer a matte, shiny or patterned finish case according to the accessories you are wearing. For instance, you can pair your Armani rose gold watch with a gold belt buckle. You must make sure the metal hue matches your watch and rings so that all your accessories are well coordinated with each other. Other accessories to consider are cufflinks, shoe buckles, jewellery on your outfit, etc. A gold-plated watch fits well with earthy-toned clothing and shoes, whereas silver goes well with black, grey and blue.


Emporio Armani watches have been manufacturing and have been compiling timepieces for a very long time. These timepieces are among the best on the market. Their exceptional craftsmanship, cutting-edge designs, and high-end functionality make them the prime choice among buyers. As a result, Emporio Armani watches allow you to bend, if not break, the dress code restrictions. They make you memorable and act as terrific conversation starters.