Smartphone with Great Appearance and Performance

HONOR is a product featuring high-tech brands. Users who buy HONOR smartphones get a lot. They receive flagship configuration and attractive high appearance. HONOR 20 Pro is a kind of high-performance mobile phone with great appearance. It can meet the user’s configuration requirements.

HONOR 20 Pro has a brand-new body appearance. It also has a four-lens mobile phone. The front employs a 6.26-inch LCD perforated screen in the upper left corner. The resolution is 2340 × 1080 pixels + FHD. The thickness of the whole machine is 8.44 mm. The weight of the whole machine is 182g. There are three color combinations for consumers to choose from: Magic Night Milky Way, Blue Water Emerald and Icelandic Dreamland. The rear camera adopts the combination of vertical four cameras. The overall design is equivalent to that of the current mainstream models.

We can see hardware configuration. HONOR 20 Pro employs Kirin 980 processor developed by HUAWEI. The built-in battery capacity reaches 4000mAh. It supports 22.5 W fast charging. The front camera uses a 32-megapixel lens and supports fixed focusing. The rear camera uses 48-megapixel main camera +16-megapixel ultra-wide angle +8-megapixel telephoto +2-megapixel macro. It supports auto-focusing. In addition, it has dual-four-axis optical anti-shake lens. This phone supports AIS handheld night scene mode. It has 3x optical zoom and 30x digital zoom. These settings realize the effect of shooting far and near. It can meet the photographing needs of different users.

HONOR 20 Pro supports dual OSI anti-shake. The Sony IMX586 ‘s large-size sensor of it can make four-in-one-pixel processing. It uses the industry’s largest f1.4 aperture. It further improves HONOR 20 Pros’ night shooting experience. HONOR 20 Pro also has a mature night scene algorithm. This further improves the quality of photos taken at night.

HONOR 20 Pro selected side fingerprint unlock. Moreover, this function is humanized. It is on the right side of the mobile phone. In this way, the thumb can easily unlock the phone. The unlocking speed and success rate are faster than the off-screen fingerprint unlocking. It is more practical than expected. In addition, there is a POWER key on this side. You can wake up the phone assistant by pressing it for 1S.

HONOR 20 Pro adopts Kirin 980 processor with 7 nm process. It is very smooth to run games and other applications with this process. The process supports GPU Turbo 3.0 for game. This powerful technology has been upgraded to the third generation. It can bring better experience to the game.

Technological innovation has brought HONOR 20 Pro a very comprehensive performance. HONOR 20 Pro is HONOR’s flagship model. Its appearance is certainly out of the question. HONOR 20 Pro can bring the cost performance into full play at the same price. Both in appearance and configuration.