3 Important Tools Firefighters Use

Firefighters rush into dangerous and frightening situations when everyone else is running the other way. They bring their courageous spirits and desire to help others with them. However, they also use other important tools to help them battle blazes and rescue those in danger. Here are three important tools firefighters use.

Protective Clothing

Firefighters kit themselves out in fireproof suits typically called turnout or bunker gear. These suits are made of fireproof material and include layers of insulation and vital waterproof material. Preventing water from getting into a firefighter’s suit is important for safety, because any trapped water could suddenly turn into steam when exposed to the heat of a fire and cause serious burns. These suits need to be replaced about every 10 years.

Boom Lifts

In times past, firefighters climbed to upper stories of burning buildings with hooked ladders. A firefighter had to scramble up the ladder and then manually lift it to the floor above as smoke poured out from a fire in the very building being climbed. Today’s firefighters have access to boom lifts that carry them quickly to upper floors of blazing structures. Their energy is preserved for fighting the fire, and they are not put in the grave danger of physically climbing a structure that is on fire. Many firefighting companies depend on boom truck services Montevallo AL.

A Set of Irons

You may be familiar with firefighters using respirators and hoses to battle blazes. In addition, many firefighters carry two types of tools that, together, are called a set of irons. A fire ax and a special type of crowbar called a Halligan tool help them get through closed and locked doors quickly.

Tools for Fighting Fires

In addition to willing and courageous spirits, firefighters bring with them an array of technically advanced tools and equipment to help them rescue trapped civilians and put out blazes. Fires present many dangers, but today’s technology helps reduce some specific risks firefighters faced in decades past. When firefighters can focus on rescues and keeping themselves and each other safe, everybody can stay safe that night.