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3 Things To Consider Before Building Your Deck

A deck creates exterior living space and allows you to engage in a range of outdoor activities. In fact, many people consider their deck to be the anchor of their outdoor space. When you’re planning your deck build, it’s important to make strategic design decisions to optimize your deck’s functionality.

  • Install an Underdeck Ceiling

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of your new deck, but your deck’s top-side isn’t the only space to perfect. It’s important to make the area under your deck pleasant and functional as well. An underdeck installation Michigan creates a ceiling for your ground-level area, which protects those underneath from the elements and provides a structure from which you can hang fans, outdoor lighting, plants and furniture. An underdeck ceiling also provides safety benefits by preventing critters like wasps from making your deck their new basecamp.

  • Connect Levels With Staircases

Many decks are fully enclosed by a deck railing, which limits access to other outdoor living areas. Consider installing stairs to connect your deck with the ground level and any upper or rooftop decks. Connecting each level of your outdoor space creates cohesion and improves the overall functionality of your exterior area. Depending on the layout of your yard, you can choose the staircase model that best suits your needs. Many homeowners choose space-efficient options such as a split-staircase or corkscrew model.

  • Consider Installing Built-Ins

Before you build your deck, anticipate how you will use the space and how it may change your exterior needs. Many people opt to install a built-in storage area underneath their deck. Top-side options include built-in shelves, food preparation areas, perimeter seating or storage that complements your deck’s aesthetic, such as benches or tables with space for grilling equipment, cushions, or outdoor furniture underneath.

If you make wise design decisions when you’re building your deck, you’ll get the most out of your outdoor life for years to come.