Common Rummy Game Mistakes That Can Teach You A Lot About Business

To err is human. We make mistakes and we learn from them. In the case of Rummy as well, players make a lot of mistakes. Slowly as they get used to the game, they realize where they are going wrong and work on themselves and their game.

As playing rummy involves mental labor and cognitive skills, it is much more than an entertaining game. Players can not only expand their skills to real-life but also learn from their mistakes in the game and make sure not to repeat them in real life. It is noticed that these rummy games mistakes can actually end up teaching a lot of business and its workings.

Rummy game mistakes which can actually teach you about business

  • Underestimating opponents

It is common for players to underestimate their opponents, and not keep a track of their movements. While focusing on melding the cards into relevant sequences and sets, it is important to keep track of which cards are opponents are discarding, and which are they picking up. Even a seasoned player should take all his opponents seriously, and try to see through them. Similarly, in a corporate setting, it is important to be mindful of the competitor’s undertakings and policies. Underestimating new businesses is never a smart decision.

  • Lack of patience

Rummy is a game of patience. The game cannot be mastered in one single day. In order to be better at planning and strategizing, one needs to be patient. Winning is great, but if a player has a streak of losses, he should not get disheartened easily and keep at it. It is also important to be extra careful and patient while melding the hand. In business as well, lack of patience ends up costing a lot. Businessmen and entrepreneurs can get easily seduced by sudden success. Patience to rise from defeat, and patience to not get carried away is very important both in rummy, as well as in a business.

  • Managing cash and funds properly

In the case of rummy, it is easy to get attracted to all the rewards and potential cash profits. However, this should not mean that players keep on playing cash games without keeping a track of the funds used and money lost. Similarly, people in business should be aware of their investments, profits, and losses. They should not carelessly invest in projects which have comparatively lower chances of bagging profits.

  • Discarding the Joker

A joker can make you win a losing game. It is never smart to discard the joker or the wild cards early on in the game since they can be the back-up plan. It can turn the game at any point when a particular card you want is missing.  Similarly, businesses should not let go of their wildcards. A business should always have a couple of back up plans for every ambitious project they undertake, just in case their initial plan fails.


So, we see that the mistakes which players make while playing rummy can be extended to common mistakes people make in businesses. As rummy is all about making calculated moves, the mistakes in the game can actually teach us a lot about how to conduct and manage a business well.


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