How Portable Truck Weighbridges To Manage Regulatory Compliance

Scales are crucial for the operation of many businesses, especially when it comes to optimising logistics and transportation. The shipping and logistics industries depend on the accuracy of weighbridges for scaling truck loads. Improtantly, truck scales play a crucial role in managing regulatory compliance, maintaining safety and preventing infrigements.

Truck accidents are regularly in the news. At times the cause of accidentsrelates to load weight and configuration.

Transporting heavy loads on the highway needs to take account of serious safety considerations.  One of the most important, which is also heavily monitored by regulatory authorities, is compliance with gross tare requirements, or the total oaded weight of the truck. Businesses that are non-compliant face fines, penalties, business closure or even prison time for responsible people, in the event of non-compliance or a related vehicle accident.

All parties involved in the management of vehicle loads need to ensure that systems and safeguards are in place that mean that the load on the vehicle is safely and securely restrained according to therelevant industry Load Restraint Guide. Truck loads must not present a danger to people or property. Always remember, the load on a vehicle must not exceed the maximum capacity specified by the vehicle manufacturer.

To ensure your truck is loaded correctly, you will need access to certified weighing equipment.  Weighbridges or truck scales provideprecise measurements of loads that are being transported by road. These scales capture and record the truck weights and inform you in an instantabout overloads or underloads.

Weighbridges for measuring truck tares come in a range of types,includingportable truck scales, onboard truck scales, and axle pads. Most logistics companies choose either portable truck scales or on-board truck scales for their particular weighing needs. Below are the benefits of portable truck weighbridges to manage regulatory compliance.

Portable Truck Scales

Portable truck scales are an efficient and convenient solution for various weighing applications. As the name suggests, they can be moved around easily. They are constructed from heavy-duty steel and aluminum. Designed with advanced features, portable truck scales can be integrated easily with printers and weight study software for easy access to vital data.

Some advantages of portable truck scales include:

  • Fast and Easy to install – Approx 10 minutes
  • Easy to transport and can be placed directly on bitumen, concrete, gravel or dirt
  • Perfect for temporary or remote worksite locations
  • Built-in battery with wired or wireless options
  • Highly accurate weighing results
  • Less expensive to purchase

Portable weighbridges are a perfect solution for your business if you need to move from one job site to another (road cargo transportation) and have a limited amount of space.  If your project requires a short-term scale solution (construction site), investing in a permanent weighbridge is not an option and a portable scale is probably the right way to go.

Ther are a wide variety of weighbridge options to choose from, depending on your specific needs. Using a weighbridge truck scale could save you thousands of dollars that you may be paying as fines and penalties for having trucks with weights that exceed the legal limits, in addition to personal and business risk associated with non-compliance.

If your business needs the best weighbridge scales, contact Trakblaze for assistance in selecting the best solution for your requirements. With 88 years of experience, they will assist you with the best solution for your business.