Lombok Wildlife Park Zoo, A Fun Family Vacation Destination

Who didn’t like going to the zoo as a child? Seeing various types of animals in one place is indeed a pleasant experience. Well, there is one animal tourist spot on the island of Lombok is quite interesting. Here you can interact directly with elephants, from feeding them to bathing them! How could that be? So read on!

Lombok Wildlife Park

Before being known by its current name, it turns out that this tourist spot was originally named Lombok Elephant Park. Over time the number of collections of animals here increased. Finally, the manager changed its name to Lombok Wildlife Park. Here, you can see various collections of exotic animals ranging from primate species such as orangutans, collections of beautiful birds to crocodile reptile species.

Lombok Wildlife Park can be another tourist destination choice when you are planning a vacation to West Nusa Tenggara. Apart from the stunning beaches and nature, Lombok Wildlife Park offers a unique experience like bathing an elephant! Still curious, right? Keep on reading!

Location of Lombok Wildlife Park

Lombok Wildlife Park is located on Jl. Raya Tanjung – Sire, Sigar Penjalin – North Lombok. To go to this place, from downtown Mataram you can go to the Pemenang area, North Lombok. The distance is approximately 30 km with a travel time of about 1 hour using car transportation. After arriving there, you can find some directions to the Lombok Wildlife Park area.

Interesting Activities at Lombok Wildlife Park

Located on land with ​​about 4 hectares, it is not too big compared to some other animal attractions. However, here you can find 400 animal collections with 60 different species. You can see various beautiful cockatoos that perch on the trunks of trees around the tourist area. You can even ask the guards for help to take pictures with the beautiful bird. Fun, right?

Because previously, this tourist spot had an all-elephant theme, one of the most popular activities is interacting directly with elephants. Visitors can give food provided by the manager, take pictures together, and a safari ride around the area by riding an elephant. It doesn’t stop there, and even visitors can also bathe the elephants accompanied by their handlers. A unique experience, right?

Lombok Wildlife Park Facilities

Besides being able to see the various animals that exist, you can also enjoy the various facilities provided by the manager. Complete facilities, from restaurants to gift shops, are here. Want to know more about the facilities at Lombok Wildlife Park? Listen below:

  1. Ivory Restaurant

For visitors who take a break after touring around the Lombok Wildlife Park area, a restaurant is provided with delicious culinary delights. The name Ivory Restaurant is taken from one part of the elephant’s body, namely ivory. Uniquely, here you can eat while accompanied by several cockatoos named Bagong, Yacob, and Lauren.

  1. Forest Cafe

In addition to the restaurant, there is also a cafe here for visitors who want to relax while having a snack & sipping coffee. Having a fairly spacious area, Forest Cafe is often a place for visitors to interact directly with primates such as the Orang Utan. The beautiful atmosphere surrounded by plants and trees does look as if you are in a forest!

  1. Animalia Gift Shop

Are you looking for souvenirs after playing and sightseeing at Lombok Wildlife Park? Oh calm, here is a gift center that you can see at the Animalia Gift Shop. You can find a variety of original crafts made by local artists in the form of animals. Wow, if you go shopping with your kids, there will be many people who want to buy cute Orang Utan dolls!

  1. Infinity Photo Service

For those of you who want to have beautiful memories here in the form of photos with good results, here are the services of a photographer for visitors. With Infinity Photo Service, you can get cool photos that will capture beautiful moments while you are at Lombok Wildlife Park. It’s guaranteed that the results are suitable for showing off on social media, right?

So, how is it? How cool is this animal tourist spot in Lombok? Put the Lombok Wildlife Park into your vacation itinerary to Lombok later, and don’t forget to stay healthy. Are you planning to visit Lombok soon? Find out more about Lombok and Indonesia by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.