Real-Life Quidditch – School Groups Can Enjoy The Fantasy and Gain Health Benefits From Harry Potter’s Game

Harry Potter stories have captivated millions of young hearts around the world. The magical sports of Quidditch played by Harry Potter and his friends in J. K. Rowling’sbooks and movies,became a real-life sportas the craze made its way through schools,and the younger generation loved it.Everyone wanted to play Quidditch and re-live the fantasy phenomena.

Running with a broom between the legs is challenging to play and amusing to watch! Each participant has to work hard to make themselves a better version. Real-life Quidditch encourages friendship and teamwork as it involves collaboration and problem-solving skills, and apart from the fun and fictional factor, Quidditch has many benefits as it enhances both physical and mental health.

A Game for Everyone

Quidditch is a gender-neutral game; all players find a comfortable space to be themselves. No one feels they are separated or treated differently and although it’s a fast moving game, players don’t have to be ‘sporty’ to feel part of the team.

Fitness Through Fun

It’s common knowledge that modern children don’t eat enough healthy food. They consume drinks and snacks high in salt and sugar, resulting in our current crisis of having a generation of kids classified as physically overweight. To compound the problem, the attraction of fresh air and exercise has been replaced by too much screen time after school.

Quidditch can be an excellent way for children to enjoy themselves while improving their fitness at the same time. The game requires a mix of different physical actions because you have to run, jump and dodge to win. These activities, as well as throwing balls and blocking opponents, can burn around 700 calories per hour -improving strength,cardiovascular health and stress levels.

Improves Cognition & Creativity

Quidditch is a game of strategy. The formation, timing, and planningare important for team success, and the action is quick, with lots of things happening at the same time, so the brain is continually working.When whizzing around in a world of flying broomsticks, players’ imaginations and sense of creativity are stimulated as they enjoy some hilarious fun.