What to Know if You are in the Market for a Vehicle Cover?

Do you want to keep your car, camper, Sports Utility Vehicle, boat, ATV, tractor, or truck looking spanking new for years?

Selecting the proper car cover is essential, whether the vehicle is parked outdoors or stored inside a garage. A car cover keeps the vehicle’s paint job in pristine condition and helps prevent further damage caused by sunlight, dirt, snow, rain, or humidity.

But How Often Should a Car Cover be Used?

A car is best protected (and likely to remain in pristine condition) if it is covered when not in use. If the vehicle is used often, it is best to opt for a lightweight car cover as this will help make it easier to remove the cover quickly.

In addition, after you have done maintenance or driven the car, it is important to wash (or at least dust) it before re-covering it again, or the cover will be of little help. If grime is left on the paint, a car cover will be of little help.

A layer of dirt between the car and its cover will act like sandpaper when you move the cover – possibly causing microscopic scratches to the paint that add up over time. Additionally, be sure that the vehicle is dry before covering as the trapped moisture may cause rust to the car.

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How does a Cover Protect a Vehicle?

It Provides UV Protection

While the exterior paint is covered with a UV protective layer, other materials in the car may be damaged by UV rays, like the upholstery or the dashboard. Additionally, the interior of a car can become quite hot, which can generate enough heat to crack vinyl or even leather.

It Resists Dirt

One of the primary functions of a vehicle cover is to protect it from dirt, grime, sap, and leaves, etc., because these substances can damage the vehicle’s paint. But a dirty cover creates a dirty – this is especially true if the underside of the cover is grimy. A car cover must be maintained and cleaned property if it protects your car the way it was designed to do.

How to Store a Vehicle Cover Properly

Because the car or vehicle will likely NOT be covered all day, it is essential to know how to store the cover safely and properly when not in use. Appropriately storing the cover will prolong its useful life and help keep the vehicle clean.

There are a variety of car covers from which to select that help protect and keep your car or motorsport vehicle looking new for years to come.