Why Developers Need to Reset WP Site? Why Use WP Reset Plugin?

WordPress has grown powerful beyond imagination, since its inception. It started as a simple blogging platform, but has now developed into a potent, contemporary system that can perform multiple website-associated tasks. However, there will be certain situations where you will be left with no choice but to reset your WP installation.

Why do you need to reset your WP site?

If everything is performing smoothly and nicely, you will not need to reset WordPress blog or site. On the other hand, developers and new bloggers might find the need to go for WordPress reset. 


Beginners need to perform WordPress testing to see how it works. They will publish a few posts, change them, and upload a few images to get an idea of how things function. A couple of users will be created to find out how different each one functions. The longest time, they will spend will be on themes and plugins testing. 

As there are countless premium and free WordPress plugins & themes, to find the preferred one suitable for your site takes time. First, you will need to download several themes, to switch back and forth till you identify a worthy one for your new blog. There are several plugins designed for the same task, therefore you may install 3 to 4 to see how they can help your site. 

All these activities make your WordPress slow and cluttered. Testing leaves the database jammed with lots of unnecessary information impossible to manually remove. After you decide the settings & tools, reset your WordPress. Thus you can start fresh without going through the whole installation process, once again. 


Testing plugins and themes is a tedious task for developers. They always need a clean WordPress website every time for testing. Installing every time is time-consuming. Rather than spending lots of time per installation or dropping the tables manually, you can achieve everything with one single click? 

With the WP Reset tool, you can wipe out the whole or partial testing website in seconds. The WP Reset top features and options have made it easy for developers and beginners to debug, develop and test WordPress sites.

  • Post-reset setup
  • Database snapshots and Diff viewer
  • Selective resets
  • Plugins & themes collection
  • Nuclear reset

Retune with WP Reset Plugin

  • Go to plugins and search for ‘WP Reset’ by WebFactory and install it.
  • Under Tools > WP Reset
  • Select Post Reset Actions 
  • Scroll down and type ‘Reset’ and click ‘Reset WordPress’ icon

You will be asked to confirm everything. It is a safety mechanism, so wait and double-check. Now, presses confirm and in a few minutes, the magic of the plugin will start. Log out first and then log into a fresh installed WP site. In seconds, developers can start working on a clean slate!

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