3 Tips To Help Your Kids Stay Healthy During the School Year

During summers and holidays, parents can spend more time with, and keep a closer eye on, their children. However, for the majority of the year, kids spend most of their day at school.

When their kids are at school, one of the things that parents worry about most is their children’s health. Schools, like any other public place, can be a hot spot for germs that can lead to the cold or flu. Fortunately, there are many things you can do as a parent to help your children stay healthy and happy while they are at school.

  1. Teach Kids Proper Hand Hygiene

The most effective method of avoiding germs is frequent hand-washing. If your children can maintain germ-free hands, they will be maximizing their chances of not catching common infections such as cold and flu. Teach your children to wash their hands often with soap and water and to use proper technique.

Another big part of hand hygiene is showing your kids when not to touch their faces and other body parts in order to avoid the spread of infection. When at school, your children should wash their hands before eating, after playing with other kids and after using the washroom.

  1. Pack a Nutritious Lunch

While hand-washing is the best way to help your children rid their hands of germs, a lunch box filled with healthy snacks and lunches is the simplest way to make sure your children stay healthy long-term.

Additionally, foster these same habits at home. Your kids will crave the types of foods they eat most often, so create meals at home that contain the same healthy ingredients that your kids are finding in their lunchboxes.

  1. Visit the Family Doctor Often

Many people think that family doctors and pediatricians are only there to treat your children when they are sick. In reality, your children’s doctor is a fantastic resource for personalized information on how to keep your kids healthy. Your child’s doctor is trained to explain these tips to your child in ways that they can understand.

Your family doctor or pediatrician will also make sure your children are up to date on their immunizations to protect them from common infections that they could otherwise catch at school.

School is a place for your kids to grow, learn and have fun. While it can also be a place for your kids to catch a cold and other common illnesses, school does not have to become a source of worry about your children’s health. By teaching your kids how to take care of germs, eat healthily and listen to their doctor, you can ensure that they go to school healthy and happy and return home just as cheerful and strong.


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