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4 Modular Kitchen Cabinetry Trends Which Cannot Be Ignored

The whole concept of the modular kitchen Bangalore stems from the need to maximize kitchen storage space. The kitchen cabinetry formed an integral part not only for the storage space it offered but also because it defined the style of the kitchen being remodeled. However, the kitchen cabinetry, like the other aspects of a modular kitchen, too has undergone some changes in the past few years. There are certain factors which are yet again set to chance in the coming year and the trends in kitchen cabinetry which are set to make a mark are:

  • Open shelves: The concept of the closed cabinet is slowly giving way to the intelligent and creative use of open shelves for storing kitchen articles. There are several benefits associated with the use of this concept like:
    • It offers the illusion of space in a small kitchen thereby making it look perceptively big.
    • The kitchen looks and feels airy and bright.
    • It saves time and is very convenient since it is easier to grab things off the shelves than to open cabinets and take them out.
    • It enables the user to create a new look simply by rearranging the contents of the shelves thereby eliminating the chance of monotony.

However, care should also be taken to ensure that the shelves are always clean and maintained well with its contents neatly placed. A dirty shelf with haphazardly placed contents makes the modular kitchen look very ugly and cluttered.

  • Personalization of colours: Creative and uniqueness are the two factors defining upcoming trends in almost all aspects of a modular kitchen installation. The effect of selection of the right colour combination is best felt when it is used on the exteriors of the kitchen cabinetry. While bold colours like black, emerald green, navy etc., are set to make a bold statement, neutral colours too are still in flavor.
  • Transitional styling: Today style has become more of a combination of two different styles each seamlessly flowing into the other. Thus the combination of the contemporary with the traditional, a dabble of the modern in an otherwise contemporary setting etc., are set to make an impact where the style of the kitchen cabinetry is concerned. The differing degrees of combinations help chance the whole look of the modular kitchen from the subtle to the bold and even to the dramatic.
  • Precise and crisp aesthetics: The minimalistic trend is making its presence felt even in the kitchen cabinetry designs. Thus modular kitchen cabinets today have a very clean and uncluttered look as opposed to the ornate designs traditional kitchen cupboards originally had. Even the handles are simple and low-profile so as to match the recessed cabinet doors, the smooth-edged profiles and the simple designs that characterize the trend of minimalism.

With advanced technology and a change in the modern day taste, the kitchen cabinetry has undergone transformations to result in a wide variety of styles. While personalization is the keyword, having a uniquely original design especially when designing the kitchen cabinetry is much appreciated and gaining instant popularity today.