5 Best Reasons Why NCERT Books are Useful for Class 9 Students?

There are many reasons for students to get stressed quickly during exam time. Mainly in selecting the correct study material for preparing for the exams. With many reference books in the market, students waste their time in deciding the right book. Here we suggest students refer NCERT books as these books are the best reference book any student can rely on. NCERT books are apt for any grades and any subject. These books not only help students in just preparing for the board exams but also allows students to crack any competitive exams easily.

NCERT books are designed in an excellent way by the industry expert teachers. Studying from these books is highly beneficial for students of class 9 as this gives clear insights of all the topics from all the chapters of science subject. Students studying from NCERT Syllabus have higher chances of scoring excellent marks in the board exams since NCERT follows the syllabus prescribed by the CBSE board itself.

Science subject is one of the scoring subjects in the exams. Students can stick to NCERT books as the concepts are explained using pictorial representation so that students can easily understand the concepts. Students can refer to NCERT books for Class 9 Science while preparing for the main exam since it is the best book to start with as it contains all the concepts explained with precision. Students who aim to score high marks can follow the benefits of usage of NCERT books here.

Wondering what kind of usefulness you can acquire from the NCERT books? Then take a look below:

  • Best reference book: For all CBSE students, NCERT books are the best reference book as the CBSE board itself prescribes these books. Students can stick to NCERT books to prepare and score optimum marks in the board exams. Referring to these books is more than enough for any CBSE student.
  • Strengthens your fundamental Skills: Studying from these books helps students to enhance their basic fundamental skills and helps in building time management skills. Hence, students can answer any question asked in the paper when their basics are strong.
  • CBSE board paper questions are usually from NCERT books: Students when they strictly follow NCERT books they can easily crack the CBSE board paper since NCERT follows CBSE curriculum. Practising the questions from these books helps students to secure high marks in the board exams.
  • NCERT books contain best exercises: Students are provided with a wide variety of questions to answer from. More number of exercises are given to practice after each chapter so that students can ace all the exams.
  • Best for revision: Once preparing is done, revision is very much necessary during exam time. Students while practising need to jot down essential topics, formulas so that it helps during revision time. Makes answering the questions easy.

Students who aim to top their exams are advised to study from these NCERT books wholly and thoroughly to attain their desired scores. Referring to previous year question papers and sample papers is an added advantage to gain that extra edge. Hence, students are advised to practice regularly, which helps in gaining more confidence to achieve their goals.

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