Advantages of industrial LED lighting fixtures

Industrial applications consume a huge amount of power and these facilities and machines are expensive to operate. Moreover, lights need to be kept on throughout the day that adds significant operational cost as well. Fortunately, there are energy efficient lighting solutions, like industrial LEDs that consume less energy. LED lighting is most commonly used fixtures in industrial and commercial buildings. Industrial LED is changing the landscape of the business across the world. It has outperformed other advances and technologies in lighting quality, maintenance costs, and energy consumption. Let’s see the benefits of industrial LED lighting and how it improves the productivity of the warehouses.

Higher productivity

Inefficient lighting fixtures can cost huge amount of money over time, both in maintenance replacements and consumed energy fields. Industrial LEDs are higher quality lighting and under a proper installation and illumination, workers experience better visibility, letting them concentrate more on work, thereby increasing their work speed, accuracy, and productivity.

Increased efficiency and minimised energy consumption

LEDs use semiconductors to emit light when compared with conventional lighting that use fuel source (like gas). Refitting your current lighting with LED solution can save you nearly 70 to 80% in energy costs. Industrial LED lighting can emit light in the direction you want it, while conventional uses Omni-directional i.e. 360 degrees, where lot of energy is wasted. Since the fact that LEDs are directional, it makes more sense to use them as lighting fixtures for industrial applications.

Reduced maintenance costs

Though the upfront costs of buying an LED may go up, you can save a lot of money on labor and bulb replacement. Utilizing LED lighting lamps can drastically minimize maintenance costs. Moreover, switching from gas-emitting and high-density lamps (like high pressure sodium and metal halide) to LEDs can help to get rid of waste disposal problems.

Superior quality and performance

Since LED lighting has better CRI (color rendering index), it’s likely to be of superior quality than conventional lights. Additionally, the amount of light hitting the desired surface is also higher. It’s wise to purchase industrial LEDs as it comes with longer product guarantee and lifespan.

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