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Decluttering Ideas on a Busy Schedule

With so much going on nowadays, it’s easy to come home one day and realise that your house is messy. It’s cluttered and bursting at the seams. Even when you take some time to tidy, it’s only a few days until the clutter, somehow, creeps back in. If you want to enter 2020 with a clutter-free home, even if you struggle to find the time, here are some decluttering ideas on a busy schedule.

Wake Up Early (Or Stay Up Late)

We know it’s hard, but getting up half an hour early (or going to bed half an hour later) every day can help you find the time to declutter your home, whether it’s through self storage or packing things into boxes ready to store in the attic.

 You don’t need to undertake a substantial house-wide deep clean, but tidying up the little bits as you go such as your shoes, jackets, bags, and any plates or mugs you’ve used throughout the day will make the eventual big clean that much easier. It will make your home look more inviting and comfortable, especially for when unexpected guests drop by. 

Get the Whole Family Involved

Your decluttering ideas don’t need to be solely on you, either, and getting the whole family involved can make it more manageable, and even more fun, too. You can designate days for everyone to get involved and make a day of it, and with everyone doing something, the time will fly by. 

Not only will this declutter your home, but it will also give everybody a reason to try to keep the house as neat and tidy as they can. A whole family tidying session demonstrates the value of a clean and relaxing home, and once they realise how nice it can be not to navigate through left-out toys and forgotten shoes, they’ll try that extra bit harder to tidy up after themselves. 

Give Yourself a Plan

When you make and stick to a plan, you’ll soon develop a decluttering routine. If you’ve ever tried decluttering your home before, you know how easy it is to get sidetracked with memories and reminiscing. 

If you create a plan of rooms to declutter as you move around the home, you’ll (hopefully) resist the temptation to take a stroll down memory lane. This helps everything get done when you mean to do it, instead of creating more clutter as you search through boxes and under beds. You can set aside an hour or two every evening to keep everything tidy and make a home that’s easier to keep tidy, even when you feel too busy to do anything. 

Decluttered Home and a Decluttered Mind

A cluttered home means more than just a mess that you can see. It makes you stressed and means you can never really relax in your home. Hopefully, these ideas can get you started on decluttering your home into something that you can be proud of. You can also find storage near me to research more options about how to declutter your home, so you don’t feel too busy to do it anymore.