Tips to care for your shapewear

Shapewear is a wise investment, but it is essential to keep your shapewear look and perform its best. When you talk about caring for these undergarments, you need to follow an instructed list of guidelines to enhance the longevity and effectiveness of your collection. With online shopping it is easy to shop for anything these days such as shapewear and with shapewear drop shipping you can be sure to get it delivered comfortably. So, if you are looking for a shapewear then place your order today but make sure you take good care of it in order to use it for long. Here are some of the best tips to wash and store your shapewear so that you can keep them in their best shape.


The basics to wash your shapewear works by striking the right balance. You need to wash these clothes regularly to maintain their shape and compression. If you just keep wearing these garments without washing them, then the material will stretch out and will not provide a similar effect which it did primarily. This is why it is suggested to launder every shapewear after wearing it once or three times. Layer undergarments below your shapewear to enhance the duration of their laundry sessions!

It is advised to always wash your shapewear by hand or place it in a lingerie bag. These devices allow the water and soap to enter inside and reach the garment along with offering a protective layer which prevents it from getting torn or snagged. If you have chosen this method, then set your machine on the gentle cycle. Always use cold water for good results and never overload the bag. Items should move freely to get cleaned properly. Also, do not chlorine bleach the undergarment and never make use of hot water.

Make sure you wash Feelingirldress waist trainer, underwire or gel-padded shapewear with your hands because washing machines may damage their delicate build. Underwires may get out of the fabric while gel-pads may get punctured and leak. When hand washing, always use lukewarm water and mild shampoo. Never twist or wring these garments. Check out for feelingirldress reviews online.


According to the general rule of thumb, do not ever put your body shapers in the dryer. The excessive heat can wreck the elastic and latex and the last thing you want it to happen is to lose its shape. Allow the garment to lay flat to get dry or hang them. It is recommended to let this delicate clothing air dry, but you can also use a dryer on the coolest setting, if you are low on time.


To maintain your shapewear in best condition and perfect shape, the best place to store your shapewear is in a drawer or closet. Hanging them for a long period of time may put strain on its compression and elastic and stretch them out unnecessarily.  As a lot of body shapers have hook and eye closures, zips, hence they should be kept separately to prevent any rips. You can just fold smaller garments such as bras and shaping panties into compartment drawers for a clean presentation. If you have bodysuits or shaping slips then you don’t have to fold them. Make sure you keep them in their natural shape. Just lay them flat inside your closet or drawer.

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