Finding a Job Without a Degree


College can be an expensive place to attend. Education is important, but sometimes the debt you get into from it is enormous. If you are able to get a scholarship or already have money saved for college it is not as bad but can still be tough. If you aren’t able to afford to go somewhere though, there are many career paths you can choose that do not require a degree. Here are a few opportunities you can look at.


The landscaping industry is a very broad one. You can do lawn care, install fences, or do miscellaneous jobs around the house. There are many people in this industry, so the way you work is important. If your work looks professional, you have a better chance of keeping your clients. Don’t try to take shortcuts and risk losing your business because of it.


Trucking can be a grinding job. Many days are spent on the road traveling across the country. The more truck loads available you can do will make you successful in the business. You are not getting paid to drive around empty. Every run should bring you money. As long as you have a desire to work with a clean record, you should try out this career.


This is a job that can be very physical and takes a lot of hard work. Many large tools and equipment are used in construction. This is a job that over time, you could learn how to start your own business from doing it. You do not want to be a novice in this industry though, so it’s best to find a mentor who can help you learn everything. For instance, a lot of building codes are needed to be known when erecting a building. It’s important to understand how these can affect a job so you don’t get in trouble with the law.


Car sales is a great industry if you are looking to make a large commission. Many times, your motivation will determine a lot of what you will make. You want to have knowledge of cars and what people are looking for in this business. To sell a car, you need to match the buyer to the car. They are looking to you to find them a good deal. People will ultimately choose to buy from you if you are able to offer the best price and work with them.

Finding a career for your life can be a hard thing to do. No matter your choice though, make sure you love what you do.


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