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Five cheapest places to buy property in Surrey

In this article, we look at 5 of the cheapest places to buy or sell property quickly in Surrey.

5. Redhill

You will find the town of Redhill in the borough of Reigate and Banstead. All of this is within the county of Surrey in the UK. Several towns surround Redhill such as Croydon and Reigate. Redhill is part of the London commuter belt. Redhill is the commercial, entertainment and Postal Service center in the region which includes places such as Whitebushes, Earlswood and Merstham. There are also other rural villages in the region. Two important roads cross each other where Redhill are situated and they are the A25 and A23. There is also a railway junction. An apartment will cost approximately £90,000 pounds to a property cash buyer.

4. Camberley

In the Borough of Surrey Heath in Surrey is where will find the town of Camberley. Central London is relatively close by in fact it is only about 30 miles. Camberley is in the Western parts of the county not far from places such as Berkshire and Hampshire. In the past Camberley was part of Windsor Forest. A prime reason for the establishment of Camberley was the nearby Royal military Academy Sandhurst and also the Army staff college. At first this town was known as Cambridge town but the name was changed in 1877 by the general post office. An apartment can cost £80,000 for a quick sale.

3. Staines Upon Thames

On the left bank of the River Thames in Surrey is where people will locate the town of Staines-upon-Thames. It is located in the borough of Spelthorne. It is part of the historic county of Middlesex. The town is surrounded by the M 25 motorway. Staines-upon-Thames is only 17 miles from Charing Cross. Staines-upon-Thames is in the far north of Surrey. It is not far from the Thames Path National Trail. Staines Bridge has been constructed in 1852 and the designer was George Rennie. An apartment can cost £76,000 for a hassle free sale.

2. Caterham

The town of Caterham is located in the Tandridge District of Surrey. administrative purposes the town is divided into two parts on the one side the Caterham Valley and on the other side Caterham on the Hill. The A 22 motorway is close by and it is only approximately 6 miles to Croydon and just over 20 miles to Guildford. Caterham is a commuter town because of its close proximity to London. There are very few industrial parks it is mostly a small to medium business town. Apartments can sell for £70,000 to a quick buying company.

1. Addlestone

The town of Addlestone is located in Surrey and it is approximately 18 miles from the city of London. Many centuries ago in 1241 it was recorded as Attelsdene which is a name which was probably a reference to a Saxon landowner of that period. There was a time when Addlestone was part of the parish of neighbouring Chertsey. Nevertheless because of rapid growth during the 18th century the town developed an identity of its own. The ancient Crouch Oak tree associated with Queen Elizabeth I was in Addlestone. It was located on the edge of Windsor Forest which unfortunately is now mostly gone in order to make space for settlements. An apartment can cost £68,000 if selling property for cash.