How To Choose Hardwood Floors for Your Home

Choosing The Best Hardwood Floors For Your Home | Team Arena

From country cottages to fancy estates, hardwood flooring is beautiful and functional choice for your home. In fact, wood floors are often synonymous with thoughts of charming spaces sophistication, and classic design. If you plan to have hardwood flooring installed in your home, consider these options as you begin the shopping process.

Choose the Right Width for Your Preferred Style

The planks for hardwood floors come in different widths, each one creating its own style. Narrow strips of less than three inches or planks or more than three inches are most commonly used, but you can also choose parquet squares, traditional squares, or rectangles. Narrow strips make small rooms look larger while wide planks aid in a more rustic appearance. Geometric designs are best for formal rooms. Using one width and shape for your entire home is the most cost-effective, but choosing a different style for each room can add interest to the house if you have the budget for it.

Consider Which Colors Look Best With Your Decor

Hardwood flooring is available in many colors. Light and airy rooms look amazing when you use light shades like European White Oak or light hardwood that you leave unstained. Dark shades are great for rooms where you want to add sophistication or elegance, such as a master bedroom or formal living room. Many companies can dye their hardwood flooring to specifically meet your needs. For example, Monarch Plank European Oak is available in a variety of shades, including a range of neutral tones that match your home or business needs.

Pick the Hardness Based on Your Home’s Needs

The hardness of your wood flooring is vitally important. Households that see a lot of foot traffic, especially from children or pets, should stick to the hardest woods possible, such as red oak, to ensure the flooring lasts as long as possible. In rooms that aren’t used often, you can choose softer woods like pine. Just be careful and remember that soft woods easily show scratches. You’ll also need to choose between solid hardwood (which is preferable if possible) and engineered hardwood. Your location, preferred installation method, and subflooring of your space factor into the decision.

Talk to at least three hardwood flooring contractors before choosing one to work on your space. Look for contractors who are experienced, professional, and courteous. Verify that business licenses and insurance policies are up to date, always contact references, and ensure you get the terms of the job in writing when you do hire someone.