What Are Shock Isolating Casters?

Do you know what shock isolating casters are? Do you know what they’re used for? In this quick guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about shock isolating casters.

What Are Shock Isolating Casters?

Whenever you need to move parts, people, or any other large item, you typically use a cart of some kind. The wheels used on these carts are unique because they need to be able to move easily with a lot of potential weight above them. These wheels (or casters), are used on office chairs, shopping carts, hospital beds, dental chairs and more.

Shock isolating casters are a specific type of caster that help absorb shock and make the moving experience of large items much easier, safer and more efficient. Some of the benefits of shock isolating casters include:

  • Reducing vibration and shock
  • Are much quieter than normal casters
  • Can help to reduce damage to fragile products
  • The wheel wears slower than normal
  • Floor surfaces are better protected

What Are They Used For?

As was mentioned above, this specific type of caster has many different applications. One of the main reasons to used shock isolating casters is when the surface you are moving over is uneven. When ground is uneven, it can cause a cart to bump and jump as you roll across it. Utilizing the shock absorption casters, you can move loads across these areas without having to worry about excessive vibration or bouncing.

This is especially helpful when moving fragile loads. For instance, in a medical setting, moving an injured patient from one room to the next should be done carefully. To keep the patient comfortable, shock-absorption casters allow the hospital bed to move safely and smoothly to the new location.

Another example would be when moving glass or other fragile objects. To keep the items safe, you want to reduce the amount of vibration that the wheels create.