Relevance Of DukeScript For Java Developers

A range of device, operating-system, and internet browser is different from one user to a different. Hence, Java programmers need to put more hours to create mix-platform software. As being a new technology, DukeScript can make it simpler for Java programmers to produce mix-platform desktop, web, and cell phone applications getting only one code base.

It enables programmers to produce views with HTML5 and business logic with Java. The developers offer choice to write the Java code once, and reuse exactly the same code at both client-side and server-side. Hence, the Java programmers can use DukeScript to create a volume of mix-platform software based on different small company.

Features which can make DukeScript Relevant for Java Developers


DukeScript accelerates mix-platform software development by mixing Java and UI technologies. The technologies allow programmers to help keep the software’s interface and business logic separated. The developers can further write the business logic in Java, and reuse the code on client and server. However, the DukeScript applications still run inside the Java virtual machine (JVM). Nevertheless they deliver and display all pages utilizing a HTML-renderer. While loading an internet site, DukeScript bind dynamic page elements for that data model using Knockout.js.

Supports Broadly Used Internet Technologies

DukeScript isn’t designed as being a scripting language. Nonetheless it supports broadly used internet technologies like HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Outdoors technologies make sure it is simpler for Java programmers to produce software running seamlessly primary physician different devices and platforms. The developers can further make DukeScript applications responsive by using robust frameworks like Bootstrap. However, they have choice to write the business logic in Java programming language.

Emphasizes on Clean Java Code Writing

Each DukeScript application could be a plain Java application. Nonetheless the DukeScript applications use UI technologies like HTML5 and JavaScript for rendering. Hence, the developers can use business logic in Java, while creating responsive user interfaces with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. The developers may also reuse exactly the same Java code at both client-side and server-side by integrating DukeScript with Java EE and Spring. However, we’ve got we have got we’ve got the technology requires programmers to create as well as readable Java code.

Mix-Platform Software Development

As noted earlier, DukeScript enables Java programmers to produce mix-platform desktop, web, and cell phone applications quickly. The developers might make web applications by mixing Java and DukeScript running easily within the browser without counting on Java plug-ins. Likewise DukeScript also enables programmers to produce mobile phone applications suitable for android and ios. The developers offer choice to distribute the apps through Apple Application Store and Google Play. DukeScript further enables programmers to produce mix-platform desktop applications using HTML and CSS.

Available APIs

The free APIs supplied by DukeScript helps Java programmers to simplify mix-platform software development. The developers offer choice to bind the present APIs to many JavaScript libraries based on their precise needs. They are able to use their favourite tools to avail features like code completion and automatic code analysis. Also, the Java developers can use robust IDEs like NetBeans to construct this mix-platform software better.

Commercial Support

The newbie Java programmers can simplify mix-platform software development by availing commercial support for every phase within the software development lifecycle. The commercial support includes training, talking with, development that really help-desk. The commercial support can make it simpler for Java programmers to produce custom DukeScript application easily based on different small company.