Choose Lab Grown Diamond Rings For All The Special Occasions

Lab grown diamond ring is a man-made ring made in Laboratories and taken special care of. These diamond rings are best for people who have ethical values and consider diamonds to be against human and environmental ethics. People who love diamond rings but are not able to wear them because of the fact that it causes environmental destruction and health hazards to miners, and is bothered by it, often tend to find lab grown diamond rings to be at the best alternative available. It is also a good option for people who do not want to spend much on a ring and also for those who are not that financially strong but do dream about having a diamond ring.

Why do people wear diamonds?

Many people keep wondering that if diamond rings are considered to have certain unethical effects on both miners as well as the environment then why do people still prefer wearing diamond rings. The answer to the question is very simple. Often Diamonds are bought because of certain psychological factors. These psychological factors attract people towards it. Some of these psychological factors are as follows:

To prove their worth

People might be aware that diamond rings are expensive and might cause a person a 3-month salary. Yet they prefer buying it because they think that they are worth it. Often wife asks their husbands or a partner may ask or expect their partner to buy them or jewelry to showcase their life for each other, without considering the fact that it might cost them a fortune. Sometimes a person buys a ring just for himself or herself. They think that they deserve it for the hard work that they have put in to get their salary and it is totally up to them how they want to spend it. No matter whether this kind of behavior is right or wrong, but it is a psychological factor that makes people buy diamonds.

To make an impression

Both men and women are driven by the factor of making an impression. When one wants to propose their loved ones, they often think that a diamond ring will be the best option to show their love for their partner. Making an impression has always been a driving factor for many of us in whatever we do. And buying a diamond is one of those things that we do just to make an impression. One can buy a diamond for oneself so that they can flaunt it in front of their folks and impress them.

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For gifting purposes

In recent times people have started expecting special gifts for special occasions like anniversary being mother birthdays or any other such events or festivities. People are often seen gifting each other Diamond jewelry, especially a diamond ring so that they can celebrate a special occasion or event. Diamond has become a symbol for love and commitment and to show to your partner your commitment and your gratitude for always being with them in both hard and good times. People often think that a diamond is supposed to be the perfect gift.

Reasons for buying lab grown diamonds

When people first got to know about the ethical values that diamonds do not possess, they thought of coming up with an alternative. Years later, the lab-grown diamond rings became the best alternative for diamond rings. Although it is made in Laboratories and is man-made, yet, It does have the same value as a diamond because the conditions that are manually formulated in order to create a diamond are just the same as the diamonds found while mining the earth. Yet there are certain differences that make lab-grown diamond rings the best alternative some of those reasons are as follows.

Ethical and environmental

Unlike real diamonds, which are found on the net the earth and has to be mined by miners, the lab-grown diamonds are perfectly ethical and make sure that all the ethical values are met. It is not required to go through any mining process, which automatically eliminates the chance of miners getting sick or meeting with any kind of health hazards because of the rough conditions that they have to go through in order to mine out diamonds. Mining also caused the earth to be depleted, but with lab-grown diamonds, this is taken care of and the earth can now be saved from most of the environmental hazards caused by mining industries.

Less expensive

A diamond ring, or diamond jewelry, is very costly and can price up to a person’s three months’ salary. With lab-grown diamonds, people are now able to get diamonds at a very reasonable range as it is 20% – 40% less than mined diamonds. They no longer need to spend their whole saving just to get a diamond ring for themselves or their partners. The budget has always been the main concern for people, going beyond the budget means that one will be left with almost nothing to live a good life. Diamonds might be a great choice with all those symbols, yet it cannot feed a man.

Are lab grown diamonds synthetic diamonds?

Many people often get confused between synthetic diamonds and lab-grown diamonds. But, that is not a true concept as both lab-grown diamonds and mined diamonds are the same. The only difference is that Lab-grown Diamonds are ethical, eco-friendly and their pricing is also lesser than mined diamonds. These factors make the lab-grown diamonds the perfect choice for any occasion or event. Once, a famous spokesperson, Stephen Morisseau, of the Gemological Institute of America said that lab-grown diamonds are “not fakes. They’re not cubic zirconias. They have all the similar physical and chemical things of a mined diamond.”


In conclusion, it is important to remember that lab-grown diamonds are the best choice when it comes to buying diamonds. It is the people’s responsibility to save their mother Earth from all the man-made environmental hazards and saying no to mined diamonds and yes to lab grown diamonds is the very first step towards it. Let us all join our hands and save our Earth and the miners who go through harsh conditions just so that we can get a diamond and flaunt it.

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