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Giving importance to one’s individuality, youngsters’ thoughts differ in various modes. Related to men and women, we find inconsistent behavior regarding their professional and personal life. Present generation leading a married life only after settled professional life, which results in the aging of youngsters nearby the 30s.

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Bhanumathi and Ramakrishna’s movie explores how hard it is to connect a couple from unrelated families down to earth. Director made the script as we find those problems in present society. It may be from different regions people first prefer to study, then the job, thereafter the wedding. Watch your favorite movie online at aha videos.

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The movie deals with Bhanumathi(SaloniLuthra), her love dumped by Ram for a 24-year-old girl and middle-class guy, Naveen Chandra, who strives for a job. Bhanumathi is a self-respected woman who prefers her first profession leading an independent life.

She makes her own choices as a Bose who is 30 around. Wanted to marry Ram equal to her age. But his choice was for a younger girl. Frustrated, Bhanumathi never cries; instead would go shopping, consuming burgers and all. Meanwhile, 33-year-old guy Naveen Chandra from a middle-class family joins in her office as an employee.

Bhanumathi from urban and Ramakrishna from rural. How did this mismatched couple fall in love! Did their love succeed! A guy from an orthodox family can convince a woman from a highly professional family! Innocent town guy with clean comedy, hated by Bhanumathi.

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Naveen Chandra, as Rama Krishna with different roles, unlike past movies, had done to his level best. Many job searching youngsters can look at their role in him. His comedy refreshes the audience of all sections.

SaloniLuthra, as Bhanumathi, a lead role of the film, sticks to the sole of the character.

Serious looks with dominating nature strive for perfect work.

Director Srikanth depicts the untold story of many youngsters through this movie. Limited screen time to the role of Bhanumathi father and Ramakrishna’s mother was much pleasing and thankful. The movie carved out just like a flow without flaws.

The editing of the film was so glossy that all the scenes covered with a fresh look. Without bore, every scene can be enjoyed up to the length by viewers. It’s not a lengthy movie but a Healthy movie that unites two people from different worlds. Do they adjust to each other! To know more about the movie, watch online at Aha OTT, the best platform in this COVID pandemic.

Highlights of the movie “Bhanumathi and Ramakrishna.”

A perfect love story with clean screening time.

Proves people from two different worlds can connect in life.

A middle-class guy with loads of humor, his adjustable nature strives hard for a good job. Innocent towards his dominating lady boss later, his love-life.

Bhanumathi, near to thirty, an independent lady cares about judgments of her choice who wants to stand on her own talent messed up with lover Ram, who leaves for a younger girl than Bhanumathi. Naveen Chandra innocent conversation, emotions, and sentiment with her sister. Proved once again, his selection character differs from movie to movie.

Cast and Crew:

Starring: SaloniLuthra, Naveen Chandra, Harsha

Director: SrikanthNagoti

Producer: YashwanthMulukutla

Music: Shravan Bharadwaj

Genre: love, Drama


Bhanumathi and Ramakrishna rewind the old names with a new look and story as well. Director work is admirable, uniting two people from unrelated worlds. Made a mismatched to be matched down to the earth.

Watch Ideal movie “Bhanumathi and Ramakrishna” online at Aha OTT

Good message oriented movie with simple concept making a complex show. Life has many obstacles in its journey. one should succeed not only in career, but personnel life is at most.worlds may differ, but love is one. If it is pure, they live together until the end of the journey of life.

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